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The 36th International Magic Convention is being held from 23rd to 25th November in London. Once again the setting is the Shaw Theatre and Novotel Complex in Euston Road. As always the bill promises a blend of "big hitter" known names and a number of performers who will be making their English debut. Darwin Ortiz (USA) and Al Schneider (USA) lead the close up talent, and both will be lecturing and performing. It will be the first time Al Schneider will be appearing in London and it is a great chance to see the man who invented the "Matrix" concept which has lead to countless variations and techniques over the years. Darwin Ortiz, noted author of "Strong Magic", "Cardshark" and "Designing Illusions" and hailed as one of the leading card magicians in the world will be lecturing too.

This year they continue their reputation with Francis Menotti (USA), whose close up and stage performances set a new standard for theatricality and performance skills, Juan Ordeix (Argentina) the top prize winner in the Mentalism category at FISM with presentations that had everyone talking and baffled at both FISM in Stockholm and the SAM Convention in Dallas earlier this year, Dana Daniels (USA), one of the leading stand up comedy performers in the US, Just Alan (USA) who is a regular contributor to Jeff McBride's Mystery School presentations and literature and the excellent Mr Daba (Argentina).

Alongside these new performers to the UK the Convention is also welcoming back Jade (USA), past winner of the IBM Gold Medal Award for performance, Mahka Tendo (Japan) previous FISM Stage Manipulation award winner, Voronin (Ukraine) whose silent clowning embodies the work of Jacques Tati and Buster Keaton, and Svetlana (Russia) whose unique act has been featured at all the major night spots of the world.

Representing the UK will be Anthony Owen, who will be repeating his hit mentalism lecture from Magic Live! in Las

Vegas this August, James Long whose award winning illusion act will appear in the Gala Show and Noel Britten who will be MC-ing the evening show.

Registrations are available for each day or the full weekend ( Tickets are available also for just the Evening Gala Show (repeated on the Saturday and Sunday nights), so a great chance to bring friends and family, who may not wish to attend the other events, to a spectacular evening of Magic and Variety.

The Close Up Competition that is held on the Saturday morning has the greatest number of international participants in the Competitions 23 year history

Sounds like a great event!

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