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This is an amazing Lota Vase just £ a f A 4 inches high and made by hand * by a potter. It is a little work of art and once filled it can pour the most amazing amount of water or fluid of your choice. I am constantly knocked back by the number of times that I can seemingly empty the vase by turning it upside down and then pouring out some water and then again and again and again. I usually manage to get at least seven separate loads of water from the beautiful pot. Martin Duffy who had this made has provided the instructions and it comes with two brilliant routines: one by the famous bizarre magician, Mary Tomich and the other by Christian Chelman. They are both fantastic.

Martin Duffy uses Mary Tomich's routine which is called the Shaman's Vision and he also uses the Christian Chelman routine which is really a fantastic bit of story telling about a pot and money.

This is a wonderful prop and half a dozen magic friends who have seen the Lota Vase in action have been incredibly impressed. So there you have it. The pot is quite small as can be seen from the photograph and it will nestle very neatly on your outstretched palm. Best item I have stocked for many a year. And all thanks to my friend Martin Duffy who had it made.

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Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

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