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If variety is the spice of life, then issue 17 is pretty spicey, as we are delighted to bring you a veritable cornucopia of magical delights!

If you read several magic magazines, or you spend any amount of time trawling the net for magic sites, you could be forgiven for thinking that every other magician on the planet is a magic dealer. Although this is not actually the case (oh, really?) there are many people out there who have had a few good ideas and are keen to know how to benefit from them. Enter the magicseen helpline for turning your creative thoughts into a commercial reality as we offer you our extensive guide to magic marketing in So You Want To Market Your Own Ideas. We even got top advice from some of the UK's most prominent dealers too - we really do hand it to you on a plate, don't we?

In the magical firmament there are few more high profile stars than our cover personality Jay Sankey. The little Canadian ball of magical energy takes some time off to tell us about his latest projects, including some exclusive news about a TV venture which is launching on his side of the water. And being an all round good guy, Jay has also provided us with video of a couple of his latest ideas which you will be able to view shortly on the magicseen website. While we are in interview mode we also chat to top French close upper Boris Wild, who along with David Stone would always get into my personal list of French magicians you simply have to see, and we also grab a quick 5 minutes with award winning working pro Paul Pleasants from Ipswich who amongst other things, we discover has impeccable taste in magical DVDs!

Since the team here at magicseen are made up of people

Mark Leveridge, Editor who are all heart, we managed to persuade experienced pro Dr. Andrew Normansell to hold The Clinic, in which he answers your questions about magic and sex -but without the sex! And while we are on the advice trail, Elliott Smith and Ian Quick return with another instalment in their series of advice articles, this time covering the topic of how to deal with delays in your performance start times.

Those of you who suffered withdrawal symptoms due to an absence of the Think Tank will be relieved to know that Jay Fortune is back in the saddle again this issue, and a year or so on from our last piece on him, we catch up with mind reading priest Mark Townsend to discover how he is progressing with his rather unique career.

This issue also has other great articles including The Golden Age Of Magic - when do you think that was? - and also Conjuring For Canines, in which Lawrence Turner finally proves that he spends too much time alone with his pet dogs and a deck of cards! Top all this off with the usual raft of reviews, news and other quirky bits for which magicseen has become (in)famous, and we hope you'll agree with us when we say that this is definitely the best issue we've had out since issue 16! Enjoy your read.

Mark Leveridge, Editor

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Thanks to: Jay Sankey, Boris Wild, Andrew Normansell, Mark Townsend, Paul Zenon, Paul Pleasants, The Independent Newspaper

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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