Two Card Monte

This trick requires a lot of practice and is for advanced magicians


(This is the trick that was performed on the David Blaine special and requires a complete mastery of the double lift)

The magician shows the spectator, the queen of diamond son top of the deck. He then tells the spectator to hold the queen face down between his fingers. The performer then shows the next top card, the other red queen.

After several fast sneaky switches of the cards, the spectator is told to guess which card is where?

When he turns over his hand, he realises he is holding no aces at all. PREPARATION

This trick is done with a regular set of cards

Before performing the trick, put the black ace on the bottom, preferably the ace of clubs, it is less conspicuous.

On the top of the deck, place the queen of diamonds, then the ace of spades, then the queen of hearts.


With the deck set up as above, first show the spectator the (actual) top card. Tell them to hold it between their fingers, face down.

Then tell them to look at the card they have, so they are sure that there was no fancy moves in play. Using this as misdirection, prepare to double lift the next two cards once they have looked at their card.

Perform the double lift and show them the queen of hearts with the ace concealed.

Put the cards back on top of the deck, and then remove the ace without showing them the face of the ace.

Then pretend to switch the cards, once or twice.

After this say "OK I'm going to teach you how to do this"

This time, perform the "switch" very slowly, actually switching the cards. (Make sure that they do not look at the ace in their hands)

Then, very quickly, making sure that they do not notice what you are doing, take the queen of diamonds you are holding and put it on top of the deck.

Then steal the card off the bottom of the deck (Ace of clubs) and give it to them.

Then ask them to tell you where the card is.

After you hear their guess, have them turn over their hand and be amazed.

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