Pen Through Anything


Magician takes out a pen. The magician takes the pen and jams it into a dollar bill. The pen is through the bill and then the magician rips the pen off the bill and the bill is untouched.


You first have to go to a Radio Shack and ask for small earth magnets. Then u cut the pen at the 3rd ring and hot glue the small magnets in position inside the pen. Have them level or it will not turn out good. This trick cost dollars in a store and will cost you, so it's worth it.


Take the bill and point at a spot on it. While the spectator is looking the spot you are pointing to you take the tip off and place it where u are pointing. Then take the rest of the pen and pretend to jam it through the dollar. The two magnets will stick together, so it looks as if it went through. Then hold the pen and pull the dollar off the pen and it'll make a ripping sound and the dollar is not torn.

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