the magnet to the inside of the wallet at the centre, seeing that it is behind one sheet of the material only. Next fix the container to the inside of the wallet with the opening just at the edge of the end (see Fig. 2). Fig. 1 shows the little container with the cigarettes, and Fig. 3 the prepared cigarettes.

Method.—Place two cigarettes in the container and then put the wallet, container end uppermost, into your inside pocket—this is usually on the right side. Place the two cigarettes into a packet and place in your pocket. To work th& effect remove the packet of cigarettes, take out the two prepared ones and put one on each ear with your left hand, remove the wallet. Hold it in your left hand with thumb on top and fingers underneath, now place the cigarettes on to the wallet above the magnet, turn the wallet upside down a few times, then finish as you started with the thumb on top and the fingers underneath. With your right hand grip the end of the wallet which is farthest away from you then hold it upright. At this point the two cigarettes in the container will fall into the left hand. Throw them out to two spectators, and, as attention is on this, with your left hand place the wallet back into your inside pocket.

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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