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"The Challenge Memory Tecl" by Will Dexter (Published by Unique Magic Studio, 10/-

This is a test designed mainly for publicity use. To each person with whom he comes in contact, the magician allots a number which in every case is different. The numbers are long sometimes carrying as many as thirty or forty digits, nevertheless at any time in the future when the performer meets the numbered person, he can without hesitation or reference repeat the number originally given.

There is nothing difficult to be encountered in the method given and a good evening's work should put the would-be memory challenger at ea>e. In addition to the method for arriving at the necessary result, WP1 gives a matter of over a couple of hundred " name " memory tass that will prove of exceptional use. The routine concludes wi';h instructions as to the proper presentation of the effect.

Bill Nord's "Bill-ze-Bub" (Marketed by Holden's Magic Shop, price 2 dollars 50 cents.

In reviewing this we are putting the cart before the horse, for in the April Pentagram, we reviewed Will Dexter's "Blue-print for Bill-ze-Bub," a manuscript that gave a number of routines which showed how easily the gimmick supplied for this trick could be put to uses other than in the original routine.

The actual effect, " Bill-ze-Bub," is one where a number of bank bills (or notes if you are in this country) are borrowed, the lenders first of all folding the notes so that the numbers cannot be seen. In this state they are dropped into a hat, mixed around, each then being taken one at a time by a spectator, who is instructed to open the bill out and concentrate on the number. The performer despite the fact that he is far removed from the bill in question is able to divine the spectator's thoughts. This is repeated with the remaining bills.

The article that is gimmicked to do the actual dirty work is very nicely made, and natural handling cannot fail in producing a very strong effect. If you get this effect don't fail to get the Dexter manuscript. With both you have a splendid means for producing some excellent effects in a most natural way.

Bill Nord's "Private Eye" (Marketed by Holden's Magic Shops, price two dollars).

An ingenious fellow, this man Nord and it is more than a pity, that as it comes, this particular means for getting possession or rather knowledge of what a spectator has written on a slip of paper is not a practical proposition in this country. In nearly every other country (that should tantalise you!) this effect can be used with excellent effect. The mentalist who is interested in collecting a complete armoury of the weapons of his trade must certainly get hold of it.

* pwucnnpn

If, as a change from the of our great art, or if you are monumental work.

Here you will find unfol Trick," the "Writing and E "The Cabalistic Clock," " The Suspension Trick," an

The book is profusely il and play-bills etc., and in its



by Maurice Sardina

(Translated by Victor Farelli)


! T3ECAUSE we believe that every magician should read this great "^book, we have produced a special cheap edition. It is still beautifully produced, on heavy art paper, but because the type and ¡ blocks were already set it was cheaper to have some more run off, I and cost has been saved on the binding, which instead of being heavy I cloth covers is now soft boards. The saving is thus passed on to all those who, as yet, have not read this great answer to Houdini's " " Unmasking of Robert-Houdin."

search for " the latest tricks " you would like to acquire some background knowledge already interested in the history of magic, then you cannot do better than study this ded, step by step, the truth about Robert-Houdin's great inventions, his " Orange Tree Drawing Figures," "The Pastrycook of the Palais Royal," "The Obedient Cards" 'The Trapeze Automaton," "The Inexhaustible Bottle," "Second Sight Act," d " The Disappearing Handkerchief."

ustrated with photographic reproductions of rare old prints, photographs, wood-cuts 120 pages there are many hours fascinating reading.

7/6 Postage 6d. (U.S.A. $1.00) From the Publishers PUBLISHING CO., 11 Monastery Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex

(The cloth-bound first edition is still available at 20/6 p.p.)



Although limited in output, has now travelled to Ireland, Finland, Belgium, France, Africa, Australia and United States and Sweden.

" Have been using your 'Miracle Slate' for over a month now and I must say it's wonderful the impossible made possible. It's the answer to a mental problem I have worked upon for years." . . .

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Every Advertiser's goods are fully endorsed by this Bulletin it

Every Advertiser's goods are fully endorsed by this Bulletin it

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