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I HAD been explaining to Angus about his astral body. " You see you actually have two bodies,/ the one we normally see and which is governed by the customs and etiquette of the times wej live in and the other, the astral body, which is released only during sleep. This body, of course, knows no limitations but can in seconds travel to any part of the world, assume any shape and do many ^things which normally our human body would find impossible to accomplish."

" You mean you must be sleeping before the asfral body is released?" asked Angus. He never was what you could describe as the brilliant type.

" Let me show you," I said, " will you close your eyes while I, with what limited powers I have, try to release your astral from your body for a moment. Just imagine I am holding it here a few inches from the back of your head and imagine you can see me holding it. You will have to sort of look backwards to see it, O.K? Now as long as I hold it here and you keep watching it, you will find impossible to open your eyes; that is whild your astral is separate from your body. Will you try?"

He was unaware, of course, that as long as he kept looking upwards and backwards he could not open his eyes. It's a physical impossibility and an old hypnotic trick.

After about twenty seconds I gave him a firm pat on the back of the head and said, " There you are, as long as your astral is away from your body your eyes must be closed as in sleep."

He adjusted his kilt more tightly around his knees and after a moment's silence said, "Are you trying to tell me at this moment, providing someone is sleeping, that there are astral bodies floating about all over the place?"

" Yes," I replied, " but of course to normal eyes they are invisible. It's like going to see a 3D. picture. You have to have special glasses to see the picture properly. However I do have a pair of glasses similar to the 3D. ones, except that they have no coloured lens. This is because there ia no colour in this dimension. After all you are aware you don't dream in colour."

You have to explain everything to Angus, he's so far behind.

While speaking I got out the glasses, or spectacles I suppose you English call them. I had cut them from a postcard to look similar to the popular 3D issue, but instead of the coloured inset or lens had put in a piece of thin copy paper and stuck cellotape on both sides of this to give a glossy finish.

" You," I said to Angus, "have a look through these. Like 3D. it may take a second or two to get your eyes in focus but then you'll see black shapeless forms floating in front of your eyes; some quickly darting away, some floating down-* wards into nothingness. These, my friend are the astral spirits of people in all parts of the world but because you yourself are not asleep they appear merely as shapeless masses."

In amazement he admitted he could actually see these forms, little realizing they were in point of fact an optical illusion.

" That's terrific," he said, pushing aside his untouched, haggis, but drinking the whisky. "And I assume what we used to call dreams are really the release of the astral spirit?"

" Correct and of course," I said, " this spirit knows no bounds, so let's try a final test. I will try to set free your astral body and I want you to merely think of what form you would like this body to take, what country you would like it to visit and what action you would like it to do. To. get the right atmosphere I'll scribble on this piece of paper a few shapeless forms to represent your other astral companions and midst these perhaps you'll jot down your thoughts of what form you would assume, your secret destination and what you would like to do, and this will help you to concentrate on these."

Since I had taken the precaution of scribbling my " shapeless forms " around the edges of the paper he was forced to put his thoughts in the the centre in readiness for my centre tear.

" Will you fold it now into four and having established the correct atmosphere we can now destroy the paper. Please close your eyes and imagine your astral is now leaving your body to go on its travels."

By using my special spectacles plus the fact that with Angus having his eyes shut I could now read the torn centre, I was able to tell him he had assumed the shape of a dog and was now climbing" up a hillside in China.

He left me suddenly, fully convinced he had indeed been in strange company. In turn I wasr very pleased with the success of the presentation and it could easily be adapted for more than one person. In fact it's just the thing for the act.

Only I wonder if, perhaps, I shouldn't read so many of these novels by Dennis Wheatley about the astral world, for I'm sure it was next Thursday Angus said he was coming to visit me.

" Men are seldom loud in applauding others, unless they feel themselves flattered."

Kenelm Digby—"The Broad Stone of Honouf."

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