1 have pleasure of writing down my exclusive effect, " Chuan's Wine and Water," for the Pentagram. Two tumblers nested together, with the top one half filled with water, are seen on the table. The magician separates them, and holds one in each hand. The water is poured back and forth to show that it is just " the usual wet fluid used for the bath." At a command from the magi (" magi " is short for " magician," and so is correct, in my humble opinion, and not the plural form for the Latin " magus "), the fluid turns to wine, which is poured back and forth freely ! At another behest the wine turns magically back into water, " the liquid that turns black after use !

The modus operandi is subtlety plus the use of the time-honoured dope of phenolphthalein, sodium carbonate and tartaric acid. The phenolphthalein (good for the Spelling Bee) is in the half tumblerful of water. The two latter reagents must be in the crystal form. A teeny

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Navigate The Astral Plane

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