bit of each is fastened to the tumbler somewhere near the top edge with a bit of transparent tape "Scotch," I believe, why I don't know yet). The modern tumblers with flower designs on them are the very thing to use for this effect. Be careful to remember which tumbler has the sod. carbonate and which the tartaric, else the experiment will not work As the Pentagram is for magis (short for " magicians " and so is right again !) like me and other " deep in the dye " fellows, more words are not necessary. The advantages of this method are too obvious to be stressed.

Wonder whether you have heard of the magi who had another member of a concert party help himself to a drink from the magi's wine and water set, as the pitcher and glasses were all laid cut. Glad to say that this story had a happy ending, as the dope used was of the " non-poisonous " type !

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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