Volume I No 1 16 20 Cents November 1956

containing four loose fitting pennies is on top of the tumbler, coins uppermost. The gimmick coin is held in the classic palm in the right hand with the penny side of the coin away from the palm (1).

With the right hand pick up the tumbler and toss the cap containing the coins into the air and catch them in the left hand; then replace the tumbler on the table. Taking the cap in the right hand you tip all the coins out on to the table and place the empty cap open side uppermost behind

PIG. 2

the pile of four coins. As you mention that you use just four coins for the trick you pick up one of the pennies with the right hand, move towards the open left palm and as you do so you tap the coin against the side of the upturned cap causing it to ring (2). The coin is then tossed into the left palm so that it falls roughly into the classic palm position. This process is repeated with the remaining three coins, ringing them each time against the cap and tossing them into the left hand. As the fourth coin is thrown into the palm you then tip all the coins into the right hand, retaining one of the pennies in the classic palm in the left hand. The three coins have now been added to the fake coin which has been palmed in the right hand, and to all appearances you have just transferred the four coins from hand to hand.

fan as you again stress,44 just four coins " (3). The fake coin is at the top of the fan and nearest to the performer. Picking up the cap with the left hand and holding it open side towards the performer you place the fake coin into the cap pressing it home with the left thumb. As you do this the hands are held in front of you at shoulder height. The remaining three coins are also placed in the cap one at a time in the same way, and the cap is then held in the right hand and shown to the spectators. It is then placed back on top of the upturned tumbler, coins uppermost. With the coin still palmed in the left hand you pick up the tumbler and with the right hand you take the corner of the handkerchief and pull it from the tumbler which is then replaced on the table. The handkerchief is held by the two corners between the hands and then thrown over the left hand, palm uppermost; as this is done you shake the coin palmed in the hand to the fingertips where it rests. The cap is now taken from the top of the tumbler and placed on the handkerchief so that it lies directly over the coin which is underneath (4).


With the right hand you turn the tumbbr over so that the mouth is uppermost and as you lean forward to do this it is quite natural to place the left thumb on top of the cap, through the handkerchief, to prevent it from sliding off the palm. But as you place the thumb on top you

The coins are then bounced a couple of times and picked up by the fingers and spread into a


press the cap hard between thumb and fingers so that the coin underneath the handkerchief is is wedged inside the bottom of the cap. The cap is then placed with the handkerchief on the table alongside the tumbler. The handkerchief is straightened out and then held by the hands at the left and right hand sides and lifted off the table and held, so that the cap is positioned over the tumbler. Stating that you will make one coin leave the cap and pass through the handkerchief you pull in opposite directions with the hands and this causes the wedged coin to be released from its hiding place and to drop into the tumbler (5). The handkerchief with the cap is laid on the table again and the cap is lifted and shown to be empty and the three remaining coins are spread and then picked up one at a time and dropped singly into the tumbler. All four coins are then tipped from the tumbler into the left palm and from the left palm they are tipped into the right palm in the same way as at the beginning of the routine. You finish as you started ; with four pennies, the cap, the tumbler and a handkerchief, and at the end, you have made magic.

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