VOLUME 11 No 7 16 20 Cents APRIL 1957

ring is now borrowed and the spectator slips the four ends of the handkerchief through the ring which is pushed right up to the coins—Fig. 4. If

FIG. 4-

required the spectator can feel the two coins inside the handkerchief through the material provided the magician holds the fold covering the coin outside the handkerchief with his thumb.

The handkerchief is now turned upside down so that the coins hang underneath and the material is opened to reveal the small aperture where the handkerchief passes through the ring. At this stage the four corners are held by two spectators, and you can safely remove your hands allowing the coins to hang underneath the handkerchief. You invite one of the spectators to look through the small hole and tell you which coin is uppermost. As he does this your right hand goes underneath to support the coins so that they may be seen more easily but in actual fact the right thumb is working the outside coin from the folds of the handkerchief into the right palm—Fig. 5. At the same time the left hand goes to the left trousers pocket and picks up the rubber band as described in the first version. When the spectator has named the visible coin you say that you will turn the coins over so that he may see the other coin. You then add the coin that you have just picked up in your right hand over the handkerchief so that it drops on top of the hole whilst the left hand goes underneath, opens up the rubber band and allows both coins and ring to pass through. The handling is the same as described in last month's issue. When one of the coins has been selected you merely pull the sides of the handkerchief and the uppermost coin just added will jump through the rubber band. Removal of the ring and the disposal of the band are the same as in the first version.

Well, there is Eric's version and I think you will agree with me in saying that its virtues of straight coins and impromptu handling make it very fine indeed. To Eric I say thank you for a very clever thought on this new angle of one of the classics of close-up magic—grr-r-r-r!

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