VOLUME 11 No 5 16 20 Cents February 1957

the handkerchief drops over the coins which are still held through the material. As the hand is now palm down the florin will have dropped into the shell penny under cover of the turnover.

The spectator is invited to slip the four ends of the handkerchief through the finger ring. This is done and finally the ring is pushed right up to the coins (Figure 2). The handkerchief is now turned over again so that the coins lie on the left palm and can be seen through the opening in the handkerchief which is uppermost. (Figure 3.) As this move is done you press the two coins together so that they lock as one.

Two spectators are invited to hold the ends of the handkerchief which is stretched out like a table with the opening uppermost. You ask one of the spectators to look through the opening and tell you which coin can be seen. As he does this your left hand goes to your left trousers pocket and the second and third fingers of that hand are inserted into the matchbox cover. With the left thumb you roll the rubber band toward the end so that it slips over the two fingers. The hand is withdrawn from the pocket and the fingers with the rubber band around them are curled so that it is not visible.

When the spectator has named the visible coin you then tell him that you will turn the coins over through the handkerchief so that he can see the other coin as well. The left hand goes underneath the handkerchief and the thumb slips under the rubber band so that it is held open wide enough for the coin in the handkerchief to slip through. As this is being done you reach over the handkerchief with the right hand containing the palmed florin and under cover of the hand this is dropped into the handkerchief so that it goes through the rubber band underneath. (Figure 4.) The rubber band is now released and it pulls the material into a small aperture immediately above the coin just added. You remove the hands and ask the spectator to look through the ring again and tell you if he can see the second coin. This he does but of course he is not looking through the ring but the rubber band which holds the handkerchief in the same manner as the ring.

He now names one of the coins but the choice doesn't really matter to you, for it is the silver coin which will penetrate the ring. If he names silver, you go right ahead and make the silver coin jump

through the ring and if he names the copper coin you do exactly the same telling him at the climax that the selected coin is left inside the handkerchief.

With the spectators holding the four corners of the handkerchief you grasp the sides of the handkerchief between your two hands, tug slightly and the coin will be squeezed through the rubber band. (Figure 5.) The coin is given to a spectator for examination, the other coin left in the handkerchief is now grasped from underneath and the spectators drop the corners. As you turn the handkerchief over to show the single coin left inside you ensure that the ring is pushed right up to the coin with your fingers so that the rubber band is covered. When this coin has been felt you turn the coin so that it is face on to the spectator and with the right hand you slide the finger ring off and return it to its owner. To prevent the rubber band from sliding into view you hold it with the left thumb behind the coin. The left hand is again turned over and one corner of the handkerchief is pulled so that the rubber band slides over the coin. The coin is removed with the right hand and the rubber band underneath is allowed to drop to the floor.

The spectator may pick up the nested copper coin but it will always stand a casual examination. In most cases you will find that they are more interested in the silver coin. And there, my friends you have an effect which will spin the heads of the laymen and make a few magicians think as well.

In April's thrilling episode I will describe to you an excellent twist on the above effect originated by Eric de la Mare. Because of certain reasons some of you will not perform " The Big Squeeze " but with Eric's idea on this effect, I guarantee that you will be working the routine the moment you read your April's Pentagram.

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