VOLUME 11 No 4 16 20 Cents January 1956

stops and turns over the card he is about to deal. It is his card. (4)

The prediction is read and it names the card that Black has in his pocket.


Suppose the Joker is to be predicted. Arrange ten cards in the following order: Joker, any card, a six, a seven, an eight, a nine, a ten, a jack, a queen, and a king. The Joker is on top. The suits do not matter. Place these cards on top of the pack.

1 You might false shuffle. Probably the easiest is a Hindu Shuffle with the cards face-up.

2 The card given to Black will be the original top card of the pack—the Joker. These cards are also reversed in the counting and replaced on top. The card now on top of the pack will be the card noted by Gray. Remember the number of cards you counted off which was the difference between the selected numbers.

3 The top card of the pack is slipped to the lower half as the cards are seperated. This is described as " To ' Slip ' A Card " in.

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4 Subtract five from the value of Gray's card, add this to the number of cards counted off in (2) and you have the position of White's card and can tell him when to stop dealing.


Gray chooses 7 so he will have noted the jack. White selects 12 and his card may be the two of hearts. The difference between the numbers is 5 which, after your count, leaves the Joker in the possession of Black and the jack on top of the pack.

Work the " slip " on Gray. In showing that he (?) has stabbed at the very card he selected, you note its value and subtract 5. You always subtract 5. As the value of the a jack is 11 this leaves 6 to add to 5—the number of cards you counted at (2)—which informs you that White's card is 11th from the top of the pack.

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