Variation On A Theme Take Threeagain


OUR GOOD FRIEND Stanley Jaks has come up with yet another variant on the 'Take Three' theme, one that has a mental flavour plus an added individual touch. The effect is like this:

The mentalist writes a prediction which is given to a spectator with a request that he places it in his pocket until it is asked for. A pack of cards is then removed from its case and handed to a member of the audience for shuffling. When this is completed he is to deal three cards face down upon the table. The remainder of the pack of cards is placed aside and giving the spectator three blank cards or pieces of paper, this person is requested to write the names briefly one on each piece or card. These record cards are now turned face down, mixed and one is chosen. On being given the name of the card, the mentalist takes the original and writes the initials of the spectator on the back of the card in the white margin. The three cards are then pushed back into the pack, the latter then being replaced inside the card case which is given to another party to hold.

The person holding the prediction is asked to remove it from his pocket and read it aloud. The message is to this effect, "The card selected will be the (say) three of diamonds and it will be found reversed in the pack," and sure enough when the spectator removes the cards from the case and the cards are ribbonspread he finds the three of diamonds with his initials on the back duly reversed.

The method is most straightforward and intended for use where the performer ascertains ahead of time the name of someone in the audience who will assist him. On the white margin on the back of the three of diamonds, the performer writes this person's initials. This card becomes the face card of the pack when it is placed inside the card case, and later when the cards are withdrawn this card is left behind, the mouth of the case being turned away from the audience so that nobody is likely to catch a glimpse of the inside.

The remaining part of the trick follows on the lines of the original " Take Three," one card being miscalled as the three of diamonds, and later the card upon which this name has been written is forced on the spectator. After the cards have been picked up and their names given to the writer on the cards, they are replaced on the table in a row so that when the time comes for the initialling on the back, the conjurer doesn't have to pick all the cards up again to sort one out.

When the three cards are pushed back into the pack the latter goes back into the case with faces the opposite way to the force card and a slight tilting of the case makes sure that this card inside finds its way into the centre of the pack.

With the reading of the prediction and removal of the cards from the case and subsequent ribbon spreading face up, the trick is complete.

Some readers may point out that the pack contains another card with initials on the back. In view of the fact that the climax comes with the face up ribbon spreading and with one stranger initialled back showing, there is little need for worry.

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