E V As P D T

The third line is composed of letters made with the ordinary chalk. Few names indeed there are which with the addition of lines or curves cannot be altered. If the name given is a short word, like SHAW, a word which does not lend itself easily to impromptu alteration, it is better to space the letters well so that ordinary chalk letters can go in between so that you would have as a result BISFHLAZWP. This would fill the line and destroy the name formation.

With the writing complete on this slate, it is placed on the table and the other one picked up. On one side, using the ordinary chalk the performer writes three lines of letters then placing this slate on top of the first. The piece (?) of chalk is replaced in the box and the lid closed.

In accordance with the necessary patter theme, the duster and first slate are taken with the left hand. Carefully showing that one side is blank and the other contains some letters written in chalk, the duster is taken in the right hand and all the letters are erased from the slate which is then placed down on the table. The second slate is also shown to have writing only on one side. Now comes the critical part of the trick. The slate is held by the left hand, long sides parallel with the ground. The whole of the writing on the slate can be seen. As the right hand approaches with the duster the free end of the slate is swung in slightly and the duster starts to erase the first line of letters. As it gets near to the end the slate is swung in so far that the surface cannot be seen at all. The duster continues its work and comes back along the second line. What happens here however is that only the ordinary chalk is erased, the letters made with the the prepared chalk staying " put." The duster then moves along the third row of letters erasing them. The duster is dropped on to the table, whilst the slate held in the left hand is dropped on top of the other slate. A rubber band is snapped around them and they are given to a spectator to hold. The climax is near. The pay envelope is opened and the card removed. The name is read aloud. Finally the band is slipped from the slates and it is found that the chosen name is written on one surface.

A few words. The handling of the slate when cleaning is the most important part of the trick. Just try cleaning a slate and you will find that it is the most natural thing in the world to turn it in as you clean. The process however must not be jerky. Don't use anything else but silk for cleaning. Any material that is slightly abrasive will tend to erase the letters made in prepared chalk, which whilst using the formula for what is generally called "Chemical Chalk," gets away from the filthy smelling Carbon Tetrachloride.

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