Utility Altar Light

Gi EN. GRANT'S very weird effect "Altar P" Light" has always fascinated me and for many years I sought a method that would enable me to present it with no thought of angles. At the same time I did not wish to use extraneous apparatus that would clutter up the effect.

The ultimate effect I obtained allows the performer to transpose a lighted flame from Trne candle to another using the simplest of properties. It is visual magic capable of being appreciated by the very youngest in your audience.

The properties you require are as follows:

1. One Everlite Candle (these are obtainable from the principal dealers).

2. Two small holders for the canldles. These can be obtained at most good class stationers.

3. One white candle to match the Everlite.

4. Two clear glass tumblers. The ones I use are four inches in height, two and threequarter inches at the mouth and two inches in diameter at the base.

One of these tumblers is unfaked but the other has a small hole one-eighth of an inch in diameter drilled through the side one inch from the base, as shown in the illustration.

Now the set-up for the effect is like this. First of all place the Everlite candle to the right of the table and the unfaked one in its stand to the left. Behind the Everlite candle is placed the faked tumbler whilst behind the unfaked candle goes the ordinary tumbler.

Taking a match the performer lights both candles and allows them to burn for about twenty seconds. As they burn the performer takes hold of the glasses, one with each hand, shows them mouth on to the audience and then replaces them mouth downwards on the table. The faked tumbler should be placed so that the hole it to the side.

With the glasses replaced upon the table, the performer blows out the lighted Everlite candle and then picks up both glasses. The lighted ordinary candle is covered with the unfaked glass. Don't have the flame so near to the top (or rather bottom of the glass) that the heat is likely to crack it.

As the ordinary candle burns it will use up the oxygen in the glass and finally it will go out. If the timing has been carried out in respect of the Everlite candle, this should light up at the same time, the small hole in the glass allowing sufficient intake of air and thus making certain that oxygen is always present. It wants comparatively little tryout to ascertain the degree of uniformity between the two candles.

Well, Peter, that's it and I hope that you and your readers like the ideas. I have deliberately refrained from giving any definite patter scheme for each trick as I feel that each reader who takes a fancy to any of these effects will have his own line of patter to go with them.

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