fever. This was quite true, but there were only two teetotallers in the Indian Army, both of whom had been unfortunate.

The fallacy we are making use of is extremely widespread, and can be seen in action every day in newspapers, speeches, and particularly in claims for " treatments " whose effects at best are assessed by means very liable to error.

Presentation. — This is everything. The belief in transfer of luck, etc., by contact is widespread and deeprooted. Any performer who is tolerably acquainted with folklore and the history of magic can make a good show of it. The only people likely to muff it are those wedded to the belief that entertainment begins and ends with broad farce. Readers of Pentagram do not have to be instructed as to how- to devise a ritual suited to themselves and their audiences.

To make the most of rhe probabilities, it is best to have the thirteen values of a suit (one only of each) shuffled and- drawn by thirteen spectators. This number has convenient mystical connotations., The drawers of the A. 2, 3. then go through the appropriate ritual to draw the luck from the holders of the J. Q. K. and draw-one card each from the reassembled and shuffled thirteen. The chances are 1715 to 1 that at least one person has drawn a higher card than before ; 547 to 25 that at least two people have drawn

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Navigate The Astral Plane

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