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ONCE MORE a "long distance telepathy" effect and one that, if presented with the proper amount of showmanship, will completely bewilder the audience.

The medium is, as usual, led away under escort. The mentalist hands an unopened pack of cards to a spectator and requests him to break the seal and to extract the cards. He is told to thoroughly mix the cards. When this has been done he is asked to deal out 16 cards in the form of a square on the table. Remainder of pack is now pocketed by spectator.

The assisting spectator, or any other member of the audience, is asked to lift any card and to show it to the audience. The card is then replaced and the mentalist, after requesting that his partner be brought back, stands in front of the audience in any position that they may choose.

From start to finish he has not handled nor, if desired, even looked at the faces of the cards.

If the latter be the case then the medium is, of course, not reading his partners mind but that of the spectators.

Upon the mediums return he goes straight to the table and, after due concentration, picks up the correct card. If the cards have been dealt out face up then the medium can practically name the care immediately upon entering the room.

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Navigate The Astral Plane

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