NOT A NEW trick, not a new sleight, but a new card flourish that has not the slightest chance of making magical history. Every magician has his favourite selection of card flourishes which he displays from time to time and usually he is very reluctant to adopt and practice any new ideas that are published. So, happy in the knowledge that no magician is going to use this flourish and I have an exclusive on my hands I hereby describe to you—Tumblejack.

Holding the pack in one hand the magician deals off the top card with the finger so that it tumbles over and over onto the table landing face up or face down according to the whim of the magic maker. Useful for dealing one or a number of cards to a spectator in the course of a trick, for use by honest Black Jack dealers or for impressing newly joined members in your magic club with your undoubted ability with the pasteboards. The drawing shows how the pack is held and here is a graphic move for move^account of the

finger breaking execution of this almost useless flourish.

The short sides of the pack are held in the right hand between the thumb and the second and third fingers with the long side of the cards nearest the performer. The cards are face down and the pack is held from underneath so that the hand is palm uppermost. Pressure is exerted with the holding fingers and thumb so that the pack is slightly bridged. The first finger curls around the far side of the pack and rests on the top card. This finger slides the top card until it is overlapping the pack by approximately I". The finger now snaps the card downwards using the edge of the pack as the point of leverage maintaining the pressure with the thumb and fingers as you send the card tumbling away from the pack.

By judging the distance from the pack to the table you can make the card land either face up or face down and with practice you can deal the cards rapidly so that they fall one on top of the other.

Selected card is, say, seventh from the top. Six cards are dealt one at a time face down onto the table but the seventh card falls onto the packet and lands face up—the selected card.

A note on a variation of handling. If you allow the first finger to fall on the top card so that it is positioned off centre, the card will not somersault from the pack but will spin away from the pack in the same as when a card is " boomeranged." This enables you project the card to a greater distance than with the tumbling method.

Get your cards out, contort your fingers and then go back to sleep.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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