The Thought Recorder


THE PERFORMER instances the various devices and inventions to date that are capable of recording sounds, pictures, etc., briefly tracing through from the original phonograph to the modern wonders of wireless, television and the tape recorder.

He then introduces his own invention and greatest achievement of them all, a machine capable of recording thoughts.

This resembles a toy mangle, having two rollers turned by a handle. Attached to each upright pillar of the machine is a short length of flex terminating in a small handle or plug.

Also used is a sheet of specially prepared (?) sensitized paper, cut to a size that can be easily fed into the machine.

To demonstrate, the performer obtains the services of a volunteer who is asked to glance over a series of pictures of famous film stars, and then to secretly select one.

The performer takes the sheet of paper, initials, or marks the corner in some way, and feeds it into the machine, just sufficient for the rollers to hold it.

The spectator is instructed to pick up and hold the two small handles at the enii of the flexes, grasping one in each hand, and at the same time to silently but intensely think of the chosen star, and to repeat continually to himself,

I am thinking of of I am thinking of etc. etc.

The performer now turns the handle of the machine, and the marked paper slowly passes through it, and as it emanates from the other side, printing (or type) is observed upon it, and on being finally removed (say AVA GARDNER was selected), the following (or something similar) appears on the sheet: I am thinking

Ava thinking of, I can picture, of her AVA

ThinkING AVA GARDNER, will she and Frankie, will---- . the bullfighter

thinking LOVELY, I am thinking

Hard thinking, Ava, Shape, see again, lucky



I am thinking of


The performer exhibits this, asks (as if he didn't know) if that is the star selected, and shows how this delicate machine has picked up both the conscious and subconscious thoughts of the spectator and faithfully recorded them.

The machine is merely the old-fashioned " Bank-Note printing machine." The manner in which it is decked up to resemble something scientific can be left to individual ingenuity. The most essential things are the attachment of two wires or bits of flex with small handles attached.

The paper used is any ordinary paper that can be fed into the machine, but for effect, it should be produced from a most carefully wrapped folder, and each piece be wrapped in, or placed under a sheet of cellophane.

The mark placed on it, must, of course, be identical with the mark already placed on the prepared sheet hidden in the machine.

This hidden piece, has already got the typing on it, the great thing being that the information must be on a similar style to the above, i.e. irregular in alignment, and also in sequence, it apparently being a record of conscious and subconscious thoughts intruding on each other.

The name is forced in any method suitable, but the more straightforward the force, the better for this type of effect.

The names of film stars is only one idea.

Views can be used, and if, say at a dinner, the performer has previous knowledge of who will attend, he can often find one particular scene, in a bunch of local views that will tie up with someone who will be present, and incorporate on the paper quite a few facts that he is certain will come in the persons mind when they select and concentrate on that particular scene.

This is an effect that can be adapted in many ways; there is only one thing I ask, please don't use piaying cards.

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