The Second Method

In this method the conditions seem impossible. It may be conjuring for conjurers, but the method is practical.

Two spectators each peek at a card and they are immediately given the pack for shuffling. A third spectator selects a card. This is thrown and caught between the other two.

MAGIC GO ROUND — Continued from Page 55

One of the most delightful events we attended recently was the Press Club 'Magic Circle' evening. As official guests were the Magic Circle President, Vice-President, Secretary and the Entertainments Secretary with their respective ladies whilst the McCombs, Tommy Coopers, Berglas's and Warlock's were the guests of the Daily Mirror T.V. correspondent, Clifford Davis. There were excellent speeches from David Ensor, the Chairman, and Francis White. The show which followed the dinner, and was lapped up by a most responsive audience was given by June Merlin, Billy McComb, David Berglas, Tommy Cooper and

Two packs of cards are used. One is prearranged in your favourite system and the other is sorted into two pocket indexes which are placed one in each trouser pocket.

The first spectator cuts the pack and looks at the card cut to. The second spectator does likewise, and in each case the top half is fairly dropped on top. In each case you discover the card by noting the card on the bottom of the top half as it is replaced. Immediately hand the pack to the second spectator for shuffling, and then ask him to pass it to a third spectator for him to remove a card. This will give ample opportunity for the two duplicate cards to be removed from the indexes and palmed. As the pack is recovered the two palmed cards are placed on top, brought to the centre and divided as already explained. The rest you know.

Peter Warlock whilst Clifford Davis was an expert compere.

We're writing this on the eve of the British Ring regional lunch at Leicester. The rain is pelting down and we're hoping that it's going to be a little better for the run up to Leicester tomorrow. The last time we went to "The Bell" at Leicester, for a lunch was on the first occasion of Zina Bennett's arrival in this country. With Francis Haxton and myself there travelled Vakil who had come many thousands of miles to see magicians in this country. On this trip we take a visitor that has travelled even further, namely, Len Mason, from Australia.

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