The relationship of bundle of tissue to bottom edge of jaclcet

Tttie ball of black paper is placed in the right hand trousers pocket and the bangle in the right hand jacket pocket. ( If the performer is working in full evening dress, the fake holding the ball of white paper will have to be attached to the trousers and be concealed by the tail of the coat and the bangle will have to go into the right hand trousers pocket).

The remaining two sheets of tissue are now folded until they each measure approximately two and a half inches by three and three quarter inches. The sheet of white paper can either be placed upon a table or in the inside pocket of the jacket the performer is wearing. Presentation

To the accompaniment of his introductory lines the performer removes the sheet of white tissue from his pocket, unfolds it, and allows the audience to see that he has nothing but that sheet of paper, in his hands. The patter used by Douglas is of the inconsequential type and allows time to turn the paper end for end as it is held by the finger tips at the extreme corners. From this


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point the action is best denoted in stages :—

1. The performer tears the sheet down the centre. He turns half right and holding both pieces with the left hand he . , .

2. ... allows his right hand to drop to his side and speaks to a member of the audience saying "Would you like me to tear the pieces again?" At this moment the right hand . . .

3. ... steals the ball of tissue impaled upon the needle, the actual take away being most natural

4. Whatever the answer from the spectator, the performer faces front again and the right hand comes up to the two pieces of paper and with the concealed ball of white tissue held against them they are torn again.

5. The performer moves to the prompt side of the stage and this time he turns half left and without letting go of the papers with either hand addresses a member of the audience near him this time saying " Would you like the pieces torn again?" With the affirmative answer, the performer tears again remarking, " I hope you don't want confetti."

6. The performer now moves centre stage and crumples the torn pieces into a ball. The left hand moves away empty.

7. The ball of torn pieces is apparently placed by the right hand between the finger and thumb of the left hand. Actually the ball containing the torn pieces is switched for the ball stolen from under the jacket. (Some may prefer to make the switch earlier when the torn pieces are being crumpled into a ball).

8. " All I want now," says the conjurer, " Is the Binding Ring," and with these words his right hand goes to the pocket holding the bangle, releases his hold of the torn pieces and brings out the " Binding Ring."

9. The "Binding Ring" is brought into contact with the ball of paper held by the left hand and then hung upon the little finger of the left hand thus:

10. The ball of paper is then removed by the right hand and using both hands the ball is unrolled to show that the paper is completely restored.

11. The sheet of paper is crumpled into a ball again as the conjurer offers to show his audience exactly how the feat is accomplished.

12. The ball of white paper is placed in a finger palm position in the left hand. Incidentally Duggie purposely did not use the word palm in connection with this. His patter went on to say. " The ball of white paper is held in the left hand like this."

13. To make the explanation quite plain, the conjurer suggests that it is better to use a contrasting coloured paper and as he says this his right hand goes inside his trousers pocket, takes hold of the ball of crumpled paper which is then finger-palmed, and then takes the folded sheet of black paper which is openly brought out of the pocket and then unfolded.

14. The black sheet is torn into a number of pieces which are then crumpled into a ball.

Ball OJ

"between first finger and thumb. Ring hangs over little finger.

From the J. B. findlay Collection

15. As with the white ball the pieces are switched for the untorn sheet the latter being placed between the thumb and first finger of the left hand, so that the audience now see the ball of black paper, the apparently concealed ball of white paper and the " Binding Ring " hanging from the little finger.

16. To show how the feat is apparently achieved, the two balls of paper are held together.

17. " At this point," remarks the conjurer, " you take the Binding Ring." With these words he appears to overlook the fact that the ring is still suspended from his finger and his right hand goes to the right hand pocket the torn pieces being dropped. The hand does not need to fully enter the pocket to achieve this. The ring catches his eye and it is taken with the right hand and the ball of white paper, touched. The ring is replaced upon the little finger.

18. The ball of white paper is unfolded and holding it by its corners the performer, facing right, holds the sheet in front of his face and gives a little blow which carries the piece forward and downward in a gentle manner as the fingers release their grip of the corners. The audience can see that the paper is free from preparation and that nothing is concealed in the hands.

19. The performer tells his audience of the difficulty of being left with the torn pieces and so once more he takes the " Binding Ring " from the little finger and touches the ball of black paper. This too is unfolded and this time facing left the sheet is held and disposed of in a manner similar to that of the white.

Talking this over with Duggie on the evening of the Magic Circle Supper, I made the suggestion that instead of making the false move to fetch the "Binding Ring," the pieces of black piper should be retained whilst the sheet of white tissue is unfolded. The ball of black paper is th n touched with the " Binding Ring" and as the latter has now served its purpose it is dropped back into the right hand pocket together with the ball of torn black pieces. Duggie rather liked it and suggested that it should certainly be added, and that he would like to try out this variant himself.

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