The New Intruder


JACK, WHO IS so prolific with workable worthwhile ideas came up with this lovely version of the ' Blue Intruder.' If you like handling cards you'll like this.

The magician brings forth his deck of cards. With the exception of one blue backer, they have all red backs. " For the moment I am going to lose the blue backed card," says the wonder worker, and momentarily placing the deck behind his back he brings it forward face up. Then fanning the cards in front of the spectator he requests, " Just touch one card." The helper obliges. We'll suppose that it's the nine of diamonds. " Remember," says Robert-Houdini Junior, as he turns the pack face down and starts running the cards from hand to hand, " that I showed you that I had one blue backed card in the deck." At this point in the run he has reached the blue backer! "Don't you think it a trifle strange that it was the one card in the deck that you selected?" As these words are uttered, the blue backer is flicked face upwards to reveal its face which truly is the nine of diamonds.

All that you'll require is a deck of blue backed cards and one blue-red double backer. At the commencement of the effect, the double backer lies on top of the deck, blue side uppermost. Like that you start the trick.

The conjurer fans the deck faces down showing that all are red backers with the exception of the topmost card. When the conjurer remarks, " For the moment I am going to lose the blue backed card," he places the pack behind his back, pauses momentarily, and then without doing anything to the cards at all (i.e. the double backer is not removed from the top of the deck) the deck is brought forward again, the deck simply being turned face up before it is brought to the front. Be careful however that the onlookers do not get a flash of the blue side of the double backer!

Place yourself in front of a spectator, ask him to empty his mind of all conscious thought and to point at any card he wishes. Actually the cards are fan spread between the hands, care being taken that the bottom cards, the double backer, is aligned with the card above it.

The spectator points at a card, which once again we'll suppose is the nine of diamonds. As he makes his selection, the left hand fingers push the double backer across the underside of the fan. " You are quite certain that you would like this card," says the conjurer and on receiving an affirmative reply breaks the pack at that point, the right hand fingers taking the double backer and retaining it under the cards it holds. The position now is that the right hand now holds a packet of face cards with the double backer at the bottom, whilst the left has a packet with the selected card on top.

The right hand packet is now placed on top of the left hand packet which means that the blue side of the double backer is against the face of the chosen card the nine of diamonds.

The deck is now turned face downwards and held in the left hand. Mentioning the fact that he showed one blue backed card before the trick commenced, the conjurer starts running the cards fanwise from the left hand into the right. When he reaches the blue side of the double backer he pauses and breaks the pack at that point. The cards above the blue back naturally are taken by the right hand whilst the remainder with the blue backer on top are in the right hand. Now because of the previous manoeuvre, the bottom card of the right hand packet will be the nine of diamonds. Without any apparent effort, this card is slightly outjogged and the left hand at the same time out jogs to a greater extent the double backer. The two packets should look something like this.


The right hand now moves in and using the right hand fan apparently places the edges of the cards under the outjogged blue back and flips it over. Actually what happens is that the outjogged nine ,of diamonds goes under the edge of the double backer and as the fan is brought across the face of the cards to the left both cards are turned over as one, the selected card falling on the face of the pack. It is in effect a form of Mexican Turnover without the take away of one card. With practice the illusion is perfect, an additional factor in the deception being that the card under the nine of diamonds is the double backer with red side uppermost. To conclude the effect, the double backer and the card above it are double lifted and turned over, the double backer then being taken away and dropped into a pocket, whilst the chosen card with its normal red back is left on top of the pack.

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