The Names The Same


I WAS particularly intrigued by Gustave

Southall's delightful contribution " Personal

Touch " which appeared in the August issue of the Pentagram, for it is the type of effect which I love to perform; however, just to be contrary, I wanted to :— (i) eliminate the use of playing cards, (ii) broaden it sufficiently for display to a larger audience than that controlled by Mr. Southall's plot, and (iii) (because I am a duffer at it), do away with any use of sleight of hand : The result is the following :—

Performer displays two packs of cards, one a LEXICON pack, and the other a series of christian names (these are obtainable from Harry Stanley, Unique Magic Studios, and are of untold value for countless effects).

Shuffling the Lexicon pack, performer requests any spectator to kindly assist him by removing any coin from his pocket and calling out the date shown thereon (restrictions regarding coins of the last century and those with a nought in the date apply as detailed in Mr. Southall's article).

When date is announced, performer deals out four heaps of cards corresponding to same, i.e. if date was 1927, he would deal face down from top of pack, heaps of one, nine, two and seven cards.

Picking up the pack of name cards he has a sum made of all or some of the figures comprising the selected date, and counting down from top of pack he removes the card at that number, and shows its face, we will imagine it is DORA, he turns over the four heaps of Lexicon cards, and reveals that the bottom or face cards spell D. O. R. A. METHOD.

From the pack of name cards select one of four letters, preferably one with a vowel at the end-, in my pack, there are ROSE, DORA and NORA. We will select DORA for our demonstration; place this card tenth from the top of the " names pack " and place in case.

You will need actually two Lexicon packs, but all you require from the second pack is one card, in this case an " A," for in an ordinary Lexicon pack there are four " A's," 4 " E's," etc., and you need five for this effect.

Take your pack plus the extra card and arrange it as follows ;— from top reading down—

a " D," an " O," any eight cards, an " R," and five " A's," followed by the remainder of the lettered pack. This arrangement will cover any date of this Century called out (excluding those containing a nought), when cards are dealt into the four piles as described above.

I should mention here that both packs are false shuffled and cut by performer when first introduced.

The pack of name cards is now exhibited, and to secure the selection of DORA, the tenth card from the top, he juggles with the date figures as most appropriate. For example, if the date was 1927 as given above, he asks for either the first two or last two. If the first two are chosen he says one and nine make ten, and counts to the tenth card, if the last two, he says two and seven are nine, counts off nine and turns the next card. Again, if the last two figures are not suitable the spectator is requested to announce the total of the figures comprising the date, and in this instance the performer employs the procedure used by A1 Koran in "Magic Wand" Mental Magic prize winning article some years ago (see also Arthur F. G. Carter's "the Chest of the Koran"— " Magic Wand " for March 1954), i.e. supposing the selected date is 1932 giving a total of 15, deal off 15 cards face down one on top of another, then say, " Fifteen cards, one and five make six, count down to the sixth card, which will be DORA-, and place aside, face down, for subsequent revelation.

Further, if the last two figures of the date total eleven or over, i.e. 1949, performer can request choice of first or last two figures, with the result that if last two are decided upon he adopts the procedure described above, or if the " 19 " is called for-, he merely totals these and counts down to the tenth card.

Although the performer has many variations to choose from in arriving at the appropriate name card the spectator is unaware of his intention and assumes the procedure adopted is the normal one.

The reader may ask why I emphasise the use of a name ending in a vowel; the reason is that if a spectator handles the Lexicon pack subsequently he is not likely to notice the addition of one vowel card, but may easily spot the addition 6f three or four consonants.

" Then why can't he apply his cleverness to earning an honest living 1 "

" Because the flaming amateurs have spoiled his line. Go down to Holborn and you'll see them with their silly fat noses flattened against the windows of the magic shop. They all fancy themselves as spare time magician's. They've ruined it for the pros., dragged it down to the level of a kids' party.

Guy Cullingford—" Conjurer's Coffin."

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