The Magic Wand

Three complete routines with THE THREE SHELL GAME by Eddie Joseph. THE FOUR FOURS CARD TRICK by Gerard de Bodt—a beautiful four-phase manipulative routine with cards. Two apparatus tricks by Len Belcher—THE CYLINDER OF HOFFMANN and ORANGE SQUASH—ideal for the concert platform. PARTY FOR PAMELA by Jack Gittings—the first part of a great new series for the Children's Entertainer. RAINBOW FINGERTIPS—a colourful thimble routine by Edward Victor. Also by Edward Victor—Three Card Sleights. SHEER CHANCE by Peter Cavour—a "natural" "Just Chance " effect. THE SHOWER BATH ILLUSION by Jay Palmer—saucy and surprising. THE DISCOVERY OF A MENTALLY SELECTED CARD by Arthur Carter—as usual first rate. MAGIC FOR MAGICIANS by Mark Weston, THE MEDIUM KNOWS by Gordon Prunty, WARRANT FOR THE ARREST by Peter McDonald, and many other effects, features and articles complete a FIRST RATE ISSUE.

Price for this massive book—only 7/6: Postage 7d. GEORGE ARMSTRONG _62 WELLINGTON ROAD, ENFIELD, MIDDLESEX

The Magic Circle

President: Herbert J. Collings, Esq. Vice'Pregident: Francis White, Esq.

Clubroom and Library and Museum :

Hearts of Oak Buildings, Euston Road, London, N.W 1.

Magical Theatre:

" Doctor's Orders "

Particulars from Hon. Secretary :

Peter Newcombe 38 Overdale Avenue New Maiden, Surrey



it published on th« Mth of each maatk and can be obtained direct from th* publishers for 117 per single copy. Annual Subeeriptioa 18/-poct free.

PUBLISHED BYs The Magic Wand Publishing Co. 62 Wellington Road, Enfield Middlesex hanuscripte for publication and book* for review should bo sent to the:


Peter Warlock, 24, Wordsworth Rd., Wallington, Surrey.

Wanted by Georgre Armstrong»

Any of the " C. T. J(ordan) Series of Magical Effects." Complete in envelopes if possible. Also want many U- F. Grant and Grant and Menge mimeographed items.

Sort out those old unused 'manuscript' items and I will buy for cash or allow generous credit in lieu. Send lists to :

Georgre Armstrong:

62 Wellington Road, Enfield, Middx.

Every Advertiser's goods are fully endorsed by this Bulletin


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