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Cue this to fit your climax of drawing out the So that's the Needle Trick all wrapped up as needles threaded. I used to use this particular far as I'm concerned.

piece for the " sawing in half " and I can assure Regards.

you it produces tension and mounting excitement. Wm.


This is the ideal routine for the intimate show, for it is designed to get LAUGHS as well as to completely baffle the audience.

Half-a-dozen assistants are invited to select one of their number as the SUSPECT, and this is done by dealing a well shuffled pack of cards. The man who gets the ace of spades is the SUSPECT, but he DOES NOT REVEAL THIS to you or the other assistants, for the cards are dealt face down. Each man then marks his thumb-print on a slip of paper—one print at each end. They then tear their slips in half, keep one half and place the others in a heap on the table. Now the VICTIM is selected from the audience and the audience decide upon the CRIME. The VICTIM is taken to each member of the IDENTIFICATION PARADE in turn and, WITHOUT FAIL, he IDENTIFIES THE SUSPECT—WITHOUT KNOWING QUITE HOW HE DOES IT. As a check the victim selects one of the thumb-prints from the pile on the table, and this MATCHES the print of the suspect he has identified. The suspect is asked to show his cards, and sure enough he holds the ACE OF SPADES. This routine comes to you in a neatly printed and illustrated book, with full presentation and patter leads so that you can get every ounce of mystery and comedy out of this unusual routine. The only requirements—a pack of cards, pad of paper, and a constable's arm-band and convict hat (which you can make out of paper).

REMEMBER—The Spectator Does All The Work—Without Knowing " How."

Also included is a NEW PRINCIPLE in Mentallsm that can be used in many more effects.

PRICE 7/6 Postage 3d. (1 Dollar)


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