The Deal from the Top of the Deck

To obtain a perfect illusion in bottom dealing is simply a matter of timing, and the utmost importance must be attached to this. There must be no difference in movement when the bottom card is dealt, from the dealing of the top card. Therefore practise the deal from the top in this manner:—

With cards in the left hand, held as described, and in front of the body, move the left forearm about eight or nine inches to the left. As this move is made very slowly, the left thumb moves about an inch to the left and pivots the top card to the right until the right hand top corner of the card projects about an inch over the others. (Figure 30).

The left forearm should, by this time, have travelled to the top of its outward swing. It begins its downward swing to the right hand, which up to the present moment has remained still.

As the left hand approaches, the right forefinger and thumb take the top card and make the deal, snapping the card from the left hand when both hands are about two inches from the table top. (Figure 31).

The left hand again commences the outward swing.

Practice the deal slowly at first, speeding up as more efficiency is attained, until the whole thing is automatic.

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