The Cut Card Revealed

JJERE is an idea for performers who use

Erdnase's Crimp Cut Location. It eliminates that one chance in six of being wrong.


A pack of cards is shuffled, the spectator cuts the pack, looks at the cut cards, replaces the cut and then cuts the pack again. The conjuror knows the card and he can reveal it as he desires.


Here I must introduce Mr. Erdnase again, for in his book, under "The Player without an Ally", on page 110, Crimping for the Cut, he says you may put a convex or concave crimp, or both, into the cards and the packets may then be squared up evenly. (See figures 15 and 16). The spectator will invariably cut at the crimp, and if the performer has previously glimpsed the bottom card of top packet (or top card of bottom packet) he is able to conclude the trick as required. The chances are about five in six in favour of the per former. It is easy to see if the cut is made at the desired spot.

Billy O'Connor realised that the pre-arranged pack could be very useful. So did Tom Fagan-A number of our performers having seen Billy


and Tom, used the same methods. One bright lad even went to the extent of using Billy's whole act, gags and all. That was some twelve years ago.

There is the old "Eight Kings" set-up, or the Si Stebbins arrangement. Again, there is the vastly superior Louis Nikola system. I also have an arrangement of my own.

That's the secret of the cutting. Get to know your pack, each card by its number. False shuffle, cut and put in the crimp—Tra-la-la. Should they not cut at the right place, estimate the number of cards and "fish"; A cherry coloured card? Yes. A heart? Yes. The four of hearts? Right.

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