The Card Work Of Graham Adams


I DISCOVERED this move some years ago when practising an older sleight, wherein the back of the arm is shown to the audience, and quickly shown again, the audience believing they have seen both sides of the arm.

In this version the arm was held, first in front of the leg, then turned up and held in front of the body.

In this new version the audience see both sides of the arm, and both the back and palm of the left hand, and furthermore, it is done very slowly and deliberately.

I have shown it to probably half-a-dozen conjurers, all of whom are well read and know a lot of magic, and they had never seen this curious fact before, and two of them were medical men.


I use a " Woolfs " red indelible pencil to write on the arm in the following manner, and to get the positions correct do just as I say: —

First bare the left arm to above the elbow, the arm, with the hand palm upwards, and pointing straight in front of you, is laid on the table ; with a fountain pen or pencil make a line straight up the arm, from the middle of the wrist, as shown by the dotted lines in Figure 14.

Using this fine line as a guide, write the name of a card in letters about one inch deep. The writing should be about eight inches in length. This is all the preparation that is necessary.


Suppose the ace of hearts has been forced on a spectator. Then bare the arm, the arm pointing down and the back of the hand to the audience. Then bring your arm up to angle of ninety degrees to your body, straight out from your shoulder, back of the hand still to the audience, the fingers well' open.

Bend your arm from the elbow until the back of your hand comes just in front of your chin, the palm of the hand to the audience.

You have now shown both sides of your arm and no writing is yet visible. Swing the arm down in front of your body, back of the hand to the audience, and ask the name of the selected card. When you are told " Ace of hearts," wipe the arm with the right hand, once up and down, then repeat the name of the card, raising the left arm and at the same time turning the palm to the audience and bringing the arm to a horizontal position so that the name may be read. The right hand, wiping the arm again as you announce the name of the card, acts as a cover for this move.



IN this method of " The Card in the Cigarette " no change of a cigarette is made, and some years ago I used to use it for a ten shilling note in cigarette routine. The reader will no doubt be able to use it for that purpose if desired.


The effect is that a corner is torn from a selected card, and dropped into an envelope, which is burnt in a candle flame. A cigarette is borrowed and partly smoked, and when torn open the missing corner is found therein. It exactly fits the remainder of the selected card.


A duplicate card. A match-box of the Bryant and May drawer type (this may be borrowed). A packet of cigarette papers, an envelope, a candle and a candlestick.

If the envelope is used it may be set alight with a match, and the candle may be left out. Or the envelope can be omitted, in which case a pair of forceps will be required to hold the torn corner in the candle flame while it is burning. THE PREPARATION

Tear a corner from the duplicate card, suppose it to be the eight of hearts. Roll up the cor ner at its narrow end into as small a compass as possible. Then roll it in a cigarette paper and seal it. Trim the ends of the paper, and you will have a small packet about a quarter of an inch in diameter and one-and-a-quarter inches long. Keep this in either the left-hand jacket or trouser pocket.

The duplicate card is placed in the left vest pocket, face outwards and torn corner downwards; it is kept there out of the way and may be introduced at any part of the programme.

The envelope is on the table (presuming you are working with the envelope, and without the candle ; it is more convincing to burn the corner openly, but it takes a long time to burn that corner—even with the candle).


When about to perform the effect, force the eight of hearts, and when the assistant is showing the card to the audience, turn your back, and with the pack in the left hand, face to palm, add the duplicate card by taking it from the pocket. This adds the torn card to the top of the pack.

Turn to the audience once more, make the pass, bringing the torn card to the middle of the pack. Ask the assistant to place his card face down on the pack, and not to give you a chance to see its face. Tear out the right-hand bottom corner of the card—as near to the duplicate tear as possible. Give the corner to the assistant, asking him to place it in the envelope, which is then to be sealed. While he is doing this, rifle the cards, the torn portion of the duplicate acting as a " short " card makes a break ; make the pass, which brings the duplicate card to the top of the pack, and thus getting rid of the newly torn card. Place the pack on the table.

Feel in your pockets, and ask for the loan of a box of matches. At the same time take the small roll in the left hand, lengthwise across the fingers. Take the matches in the right hand (if none are forthcoming, have a box in readiness in the right-hand jacket pocket).

Bring the right hand to the left and push open the box. As you do this, push the rolled-up corner into the outer case of the box—into the space just vacated by the end of the drawer (as in David Devant's handkerchief production). Take a match and strike it on the box, placing the box on the table, leaving it open and the roll still inside.

Set fire to the envelope ; seeing that it gets well alight and turning the envelope about to burn the corner. Drop the ashes on to the floor or on to a tr? y. Then ask for a cigarette.

Casually, show the hands empty, without remarking about the fact ; take the cigarette and place it in the mouth. Pick up the match-box, take a match and light the cigarette, closing the box, which pushes the roll into the left hand. Toss the box on to the table. After a few puffs at the cigarette, remove it from the mouth, between the fingers of your right hand. Then pretend to examine the cigarette. Place it in your left hand over the roll, and flick the glowing end away.

Hold the cigarette in view and tear it into two about equal portions, placing the portion held in the right hand into the left, on the other side of the roll ; press the three pieces well together, holding them well up so that everyone may see the pieces ; then start to tear the paper and tobacco away, dropping the bits on the floor and letting loose pieces of paper hang over like flower petals. Draw out the corner, open it out, and take the torn card from the top of the pack and fit it together, a complete eight of hearts. So much for the first method, which takes three to four minutes to perform.



I USE this method in conjunction with a torn pack. The pack is torn in two, the pieces are dropped into a hat and the portions of a selected card recovered therefrom.


I prepare for the effect by tearing a card in half, one half is inserted in a cigarette. The following is the way I have found best : —

Empty all the tobacco from a full-size cigarette, press or flatten out the paper to remove any creases. Cut a piece of thin white note-paper the size of a cigarette paper, roll this into a tube and place this tube inside the empty cigarette. Roll up the half card, place this inside the tube, then fill the ends with tobacco, pressing the tobacco level with a match and trimming it with scissors. You will find that this cigarette will stand more handling than one prepared by the usual method. The other half of the card I place in my right-hand trouser pocket'. The cigarette in my left-hand trouser pocket.


A pack of cards is torn, the pieces are thrown into a hat and from this hat I take the correct pieces to assemble cards that were previously selected.

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