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A CARD is selected and placed on top of the pack. The magician states that he will cause the card to fly to his pocket. A move is then made which apparently transfers the card to the bottom of the pack. Spectator sees this and calls the performer's attention to it. The latter however shows that the botom card is an indifferent card and for that matter so is the top card; after this the selected card is removed from the performer's pocket.

A card is selected by the spectator and placed on top of the pack without its face being seen and noted. Hold the pack in the left hand. Showing how he intends to make the chosen (but not noted) card fly into his pocket, his right hand takes the top card and moves it towards his right hand trousers pocket with a flapping motion. As the right hand attracts attention a break is obtained under the two topmost cards of the pack. The card held in the right hand is now replaced on top of die pack and at this point he appears to remember that the spectator has not yet seen the card he selected. A triple lift (made easy by means of the break already held) is made and the face of the underneath card shown to the spectator. Because of the previous move where the performer removed only one card there should be no suspicion in the spectator's mind regarding the fact that the performer now holds more than one card. The lift is done quickly and casually. The cards as one are now replaced on top of the pack in the left hand. With the right hand partially covering the pack the left thumb pushes the top card over to the left finger tips and transfers it to the bottom of the pack. TTie right hand is intended to act as a mask but the spectator sees the move made. At this point the performer says that the card has flown to his pocket.

The spectator will not accept this statement and will say that the card is at the bottom of the pack. To disprove the assertion of the spectator the right hand picks up the pack and shows the face of the bottom card. The right arm lowers and the left hand now takes the top card and shows that this too is an indifferent card. At this offbeat, the right hand performs a single hand top palm whilst the left hand comes across and takes the pack away. The right hand now with the noted card concealed enters the right hand trousers pocket only to emerge with the previously palmed card at the fingertips.

" Simulation is a form of pretence. In disguise, we have the principle of making one thing look like another and entirely different thing. In the misdirection of sense by means of simulation, we have the principle of giving apparent existence to things that do not exist, or presence to things that are absent."

Nevil Maskelyne—" Our Magic."

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