Telling The Colours


THE THEME of this trick is old indeed and apart from magazine and book contributions many ideas dealing with it have been marketed at prices ranging from fifty cents to three dollars. It is a natural thought to simplify matters and whilst I have already given one version in one of my many booklets, an entirely different angle of approach is used in the method to be described.

The effect is simple. Three spectators each pocket a card carrying a colour. You, without seeing them, take the cards, tell each spectator the colour of the card in his pocket.


Three cards each carrying a coloured spot. Supposing that the cards are black, one can carry a white spot, another a red and the third a blue. Place these in your inside pocket.

A card which has the signs of the Zodiac, letters and numbers. It is shown in Illustration 1. This goes inside your wallet.

Forty-two coloured counters; seven red, fourteen white and twenty-one blue. These are placed inside : —

A small cloth bag to hold the counters.

A small glass or crystal ball. Put this in your outside jacket pocket.

The Method.

Ask three members of your audience to assist you. As they step up to the table take the three cards carrying the spots from your pocket and place them face up on the table.

Tell them that you will turn away, and when you do each is to take one of the cards and place it in his pocket.

Turn round again and picking up the cloth bag you look at the spectators, mentally counting them from left to right as 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

Now remove one red, two white and three blue counters, placing them in front of spectator No. 1. Tell him that you will turn away and when

you do so he is to pick up all of those corresponding to the colour of the card in his pocket and return the unwanted ones to the bag. When he has done this you turn round and place in front of the second spectator two red, four white and six blue counters which you remove from the bag. He is given similar instructions to spectator No. 1. Finally, with again similar instructions, the third spectator has placed in front of him four red, eight white and twelve blue counters.

We now come to the actual divination. Take the bag and remove the remaining counters from it. Separate them into their respective colours, placing them in small piles. As you do this secretly count them and the resulting total will be either 25, 26, 27, 29, 30 or 31.

With the remark that you will consult the Oracle, through the crystal, you remove your wallet from your pocket and take out the card bearing the signs, letters and numbers. This is placed on the table and the wallet is returned to the pocket. Bring out the crystal ball and place it on top of the card; then look into it. All you do is to note the appropriate number and the three letters following it in a clockwise direction. For example should the number be 27, 'the letters following it are R.B.W., which indicates that the first person has a red card, the second a blue and the third a white.

As a table trick I find it particularly effective.

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