Sxiiuiaa a Woman in Statues

Much interest has been aroused recently concerning this well-known illusion, and following the expose in Walter Gibson's book which was recently published in this country.

It would now appear that the Press and Public will not be satisfied until illusionists saw a woman in half lengthwise. I understand that efforts are being made to seek a solution to this new way. If your knowledge is the same as mine, you will probably be under the impression that this really is a new departure for this illusion. I have corresponded on the matter with my very good friend, Stewart James, of Ontario, Canada. Stewart, whose knowledge on matters magical is very great, has written and sent me information on this subject which I thought would be of interest to readers of this bulletin.

It appears that the American magazine Science and Invention " held a competition back in September, 1929 (20 years ago, mark you !) and offered 250 dollars in prizes for the best solutions. It is most interesting to read that in response there were more than 10,000 entrants, and the first prize was awarded to a Mr. Illich.

Like all illusions, the solution depends on the conditions attached. In this particular case, the lady was completely enclosed in a casket with

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