A PACK of cards is shuffled and one card is selected—memorised and then shuffled back into the pack.

The mentalist cuts the cards and deals one cards face down on to the table. He states quite firmly that this card is the chosen card.

The spectator turns the card over and denies that it is the one that he chose. The mentalist picks up the card and lays it face up on the top of the pack. He again, states that he is sure that this is the card that the spectator chose. Upon the spectator again denying this statement the mentalist lifts the card from the pack.

Holding it between his fingertips he brushes it against his sleeve. Suddenly the card visibly changes to another card of different value.

Once more, however, the spectator states that this is still not his chosen card. Appearing confused the mentalist states that if they will forgive his mistake he will show them another effect.

Suddenly as though a thought had just occurred to him he swiftly riffles the cards, holding them close to his ear.

Then he asks the spectator to name his card. The spectator replies, " Five of spades."

" I thought so," the mentalist replies. " No wonder I failed, this pack is short of one card. There are only fifty-one cards here."

Laying the pack aside he picks up the card case and opening it holds it upside down, a card falls from the case to the table. It is the five of spades. The case is empty and the pack may be thoroughly examined. There are only fifty-one cards in the pack, there are no duplicate cards. There is nothing to add and nothing to take away.

The requirements for this effect are simple and consist of a pack of playing cards and a bottle of, " It's a Pip " fluid, which is obtainable from your magical dealers.

First, using the fluid, change the five of clubs into the five of spades, have this on top of your pack and above it have the genuine five of spades. Place the pack in the card case and you are now ready to bewilder the multitudes.

Open the case and take out the cards, leaving the top card (genuine five of spades) in the case. Close the card case and lay it aside. Shuffle the pack, retaining the top card, and then force this card, using your favourite force. The side slip is probably as good as any and better than most. Have the card returned to the pack, shuffle, controlling the forced card to the bottom. Cut the pack, pulling a section from the centre and place them on top. Lift the top card and drop it face down on the table.

State firmly that this is the card that the spectator chose and ask him to turn it over. You are holding the pack face down and whilst you are talking your right or left hand fingers are running over the face of the bottom card (the faked' five of spades). This naturally removes the extra lines that were painted on the card, turning it back again into the five of clubs.

The spectator, having turned the card face up, states that it is not his chosen card. You appear crestfallen, pick the card up and lay it, face up on the face down pack. You say that you are positive that it is the correct card. The spectator will again deny this.

As you are talking you prepare for a double lift. Double lift and holding the two cards as one, thumb on the left long side of card(s) and finger tips on the right long side of card(s), brush it quickly, up and down your jacket sleeve. Snap the card quickly, allowing it to turn over, releasing the grip held by the fingers and now holding the edge of the card(s) between thumb and finger. The card will have changed value. We cannot remember whose move the above is and are therefore unable to give credit for if. Follow it with the two cards in your hand and the knack will soon be acquired. The spectator will again state that this is not his card. Look slightly bewildered, and say that if they will forgive you, you will show them another effect.

Shuffle the pack, stop, and then riffle the cards past your ear. Ask the spectator the name of his card and saying that the pack is short of one card, lay it aside and pick up the card case.

Open it and allow the five of spades to fall on to the table. Everything may now be examined. The card case is empty and the pack is in order. All evidence of your " skullduggery " has been removed.

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