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Harry Hickson has now gone to a place called Harwich, and he will be missed by that select coterie of Surrey magicians. His work is always studded by a love of detail that makes for smooth and faultless working. " Express Delivery " (I hope that he will like the title.— Ed.) is an ingenious aid for use in the rope stretching effect. With this device the magician is free from anv chance of the rope becoming entangled. An additional feature is that the rope can be prepared prior to the conjurer's leaving for the show.

The illustration marked " 1 shows the holder, the length of rope protruding being sufficient, after the holder has been inserted into the right inside pocket, to go down the inside of the right sleeve to the cuff.

The second illustration shows the fake when it is opened out. It consists of a shallow box open at one end. This is made from either stiff cardboard or very thin (say one millimetre) plywood which measures five inches by seven. The surround which goes on three sides is made by cutting three pieces of quarter inch square stripwood and then glueing them into the necessary positions. At intervals of one and three-quarter inches (this is assuming that the dimensions shown are kept to) some small notches are made. These can be clearly seen in the illustration. Another piece of card or ply, live inches by seven, is taken and this is hinged by means of linen tape to the box where shown. When dry it is folded over and notches are cut to correspond with those in the sides of the box. You will also require a piece of thin card (or better still, celluloid) measuring five and a-half by seven inches, and four elastic bands.

The fake made to the size shown will allow the conjurer to stretch a rope to twelve feet.

To prepare for the effect, the box is first opened and placed on a table. Taking the twelve-foot length of rope, sufficient is allowed to go from the pocket top, down the arm to the wrist. Be liberal in this matter, for it is better to have a few inches too much rather than not enough. The latter course will mean starting all over again. With this length allowed for, the rope is folded backwards and forwards inside the box. I think that this is quite clear in the illustration. When the box is full, the loose piece of card or celluloid is placed over the open part of

the box and rope. Half an inch will protrude at the side. The lid is now folded over and, keeping it down with a slight pressure, the piece of loose card is withdrawn and then three of the elastic bands are placed round the fake so that each engages in a set of notches.

Taking oft his coat, the conjurer drops the fake into the inside coat pocket, with the pro-

Stanley, doltm'*.

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