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Sitting by the fire reading, my two boys are playing at a guessing game. A few coins are used; 3d. piece, Id., |d., 6d., 1/-, etc., and an empty match-box. One of the coins is hidden in the box, by Alex,—that's the elder boy, Richard tries to guess which coin it is. Richard could never guess correct; Alex was always correct; that's what puzzled me, as I watched from out of the corner of my eve. I knew that Alex was a clever trickster !

One night, Alex carried this thing a stage further. He took from his pocket a handful of coins and sorted out a Id., 3d., 6d., 1 /-,

2 -, 2/6, turning them all head up. He said, " Watch this," and emptied the matches out of the box, giving it to me, saying, " Put any coin you wish into the box, when I turn away." I did so, then he took the box in his hand, holding the ends with linger and thumb, and told us to watch that he didn't open the ends to peep in.

Well, he managed to tell us—Richard and I— the value of the coin, and, also, the date on it.

i looked at the dates on the other coins, thinking that they might be all the same, but they were different.

He smiled, doing it over and over again for us. Then he disclosed the secret. In the centre of the match-box cover he had burned a hole, the size oi a shilling, using a red-hot poker for that job. Next, lie had cat from another box the top part to fit over and hide the hole. Also, four pin-head points of wax held the top cover in place, ready to be palmed off, allowing him to see which coin was inside. And, of course, he had memorised the dates on the different coins.

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