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29th December, 1947.

Dear Peter,

Do you remember that article called " Recovery " you ran a few months ago ? I've been


working it ever since with greit success. It just suits me down to the ground. The magnetized glass thing I fiddled with for a bit and discovered that it works if you cut two semi-circles in the paper and put Scotch tape so that it just shows through the semi-circular holes, the tape picks up the celluloid continued on page 45

RING IN AN EMERGENCY — continued from page 44


RING IN AN EMERGENCY — continued from page 44


7ab to remove


7ab to remove glass easily, and after that effect you can go into the T. and R. Newspaper, as the gimmicking of the paper for the glass effect does not interfere with the gimmicking for the T. and R.

The following may be some use to you for the "Pentagram." It is an impromptu method of doing the " Ring on Stick." Cut a piece of sticking plaster to the shape shown and fold over the tab so that the two sticky sides are together. This prevents it from sticking to anything and gives a tab which, when pulled on, will drag off the rest of the plaster. To the centre of the plaster press a cheap ring. Lay the whole on the palm of the left hand with sticky side up. Borrow white handkerchief in folded condition—it would be quite excuseable to lift it out of the pocket of an onlooker in close-up impromptu work. Place handkerchief on to left hand so that a corner presses against the fake. That sticks fake to corner of the handkerchief in position where normally the ring would be sewn in working the effect with your own handkerchief. Working is, then, as per usual for the ring on stick. But the fake is stolen on the surprise of finding the ring on the stick. The tab facilitates its quick and smooth removal. It can be pressed under the left hand side of the jacket where it will remain till it is safe to remove it and dispose of it completely.

That is a very scrappy description, but it's now 3 a.m. and I am nearly asleep ! I'm enclosing sample sticker in case you don't quite get the idea.

My best for the New Year,


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