Stewart James No 3 Third Sight

PEOPLE often speak of the five senses. From time to time we hear of a sixth sense. Certain scientists claim that there are actually many more.

Practically every person has heard of second sight. You intend to demonstrate something not so well known—third sight.

You place one card to the side face-down. A spectator freely selects two cards. Another card is removed from the pack by you. These three cards designate, in a manner to be described later, the number three. The original face-down card is revealed to be a three.

The Method Place any three-spot to one side face-down. After the pack is shuffled, take it back and fan the cards face-down. Permit a spectator to remove two cards side by side. If they are both of the same value, he returns one and draws another. After memorizing them, they are returned to the pack side by side.

While he was looking at his cards, you glimpsed the face card of the pack. By executing the Hindu Shuffle as his cards are returned, you know the card immediately above them.

As you look through the pack to remove another card, locate your key and note the selected cards.

You will discover one of three things:

1. One card will be a three-spot or will have the value of a multiple of three.

2. The value of one card subtracted from the value of the other will give three or a multiple of three.

3. The value of one card added to the value of the other will give three or a multiple of three.

Phase 1 (A). When the value of one card is three: Remove a three-spot from the pack. Tell the spectator you will now have him select one card from the pair he noted. The familiar ' conjurer's choice' is used so that the three-spot appears to be freely selected. Show that the card you removed before his last selection was a three -spot. More remarkable, the card removed before any selection was made was also a three-spot.

Ask the spectator to select the highest or lowest valued card. You know the cards so you twist his selection to suit yourself but wording the request in this manner does not reveal the information you possess.

Phase 1 (B). When the value of one card is a multiple of three: Suppose one card is a queen. It is considered as having a value of twelve. In this case you remove a four-spot. Force the queen as you did the three-spot in (A). Have the spectator remove that many cards from the pack, twelve, and deal them in as many piles as indicated by the value of the card you just removed, four. He now

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