Stewart James 5 The Worlds Greatest

STATE that you will make anyone a wonder worker in one easy lesson.

The volunteer shuffles the pack and hands it to a spectator to select a card in a manner to be explained.

Taking back the pack and dealing a card for each letter in the words I AM THE WORLD'S GREATEST MAGICIAN, the volunteer is as surprised as anyone when the card at the final letter is the selected one.

The Method

Be sure the pack contains exactly fifty-two cards. The spectator shuffles and deals two facedown piles containing twenty-six cards each.

He removes one card from each pile and turns them face-up on the table. From either pile, he deals cards on each to equal their value. Face cards are considered as ten.

Suppose a five and a nine turn up. Five cards are dealt on one and nine on the other. The pile from which the cards were dealt is placed facedown to one side for the time being.

The total number of spots on the two face-up cards are fourteen and so he notes the fourteenth card from the face of the remaining pile. The king of hearts perhaps.

This pile is dropped face-down on the first, the remaining sixteen cards from the table squared up and dropped on top of all.

The noted cards is now the twenty-eigth card from the top of the pack, regardless of what cards were turned face-up, and it will spell out as explained.

A trick of this nature lends itself to topical presentation. When I did it at one of the club meetings, I used the words THE LONDON SOCIETY OF MAGICIANS. In this case, the noted card appeared after the last letter.

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