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Here is the effect : On the magician's table rests a stand holding three red-backed cards. (Illustration No. 1 gives some idea of this). A pack of blue-backed cards is introduced and dropped outermost to the audience into a glass face. With the request to a spectator, whom we shall call Mr. A, that he stops the action of the magician when he wishes, the cards are removed one at a time from the face to the back of the pack. On being stopped, the card designated is placed, still facing the audience, in front of the first red-backed card in the stand. The procedure is repeated with two more spectators, whom we shall call Mr. B, and Mf. C, and the cards of their choice are placed respectively in front of the red-backed cards numbers two and three. A spectator is asked to step forward and remove the first pair of cards. He takes them, separates them, and shows that the red-backed card, placed there by the magician, matches the card chosen by the spectator. Similarly, the second and third pairs of cards are shown to match.

This deception was the prototype of " Mind Out of Time", and to some it would seem to have an advantage over that effect in so far as a spectator can actually remove the cards at the ultimate stage.


One pack of cards made up as follows :— Twenty-six cards from a blue-backed pack and twenty-six duplicates of these from a red-backed pack have half their backs treated with roughing fluid. When, dry, the red-backed cards are placed back against their duplicate blue-backed cards so that the roughened ends coincide. The pairs are then assembled to form a set of fifty-two cards, care being taken that the roughened halfs are all similarly positioned. When this is done, an odd blue-backed card is now placed facedown on the exposed red-backed card; with an elastic band snapped round the cards, the. magician would seem to have a blue-backed pack.

The next thing to come in for attention is the stand which holds the cards. Now look at illustration 1 and you will see that when the cards are dropped into the slots one-third protudes. At the same time it will be noticed that the centre of

Slots for cards removed from blue {?).paclc

Slot (velvet lined) for slotted card«

Slot (velvet lined) for slotted card«

Part of red backed card out away to synchronise with slot in stand

the card can be seen because of the openings. Let us study the construction of the stand; it is a simple affair, lOf inches in length, and the height of the holder for the card is 2f inches, the cutouts measuring 2in. x fin. Figure 2 shows a section of the stand as seen from the top, and is best made by taking three pieces of very thin plywood, lOfin. x 2fin., cutting out three pieces in each 2in. x fin., so that they synchronise when placed on top of the-other. To assemble to form a stand, eight interleaving pieces of cardboard or wood are glued as shown in Illustration 3. Before Completing this however, the facings of the wood, which form the narrow slot, are covered with black chiffon velvet. When the pieces are glued together the effect should be such that if a playing card is pushed info this slot, it will " stay put " because of the velvet, but at the same time it can be pushed into the stand with the minimum of effort. The upright part of the stand is now fastened to the base; the method of fastening will depend upon your ability as a craftsman. PLEASE DO NOT FINISH THE STAND OFF IN PILLAR-BO^ RED.

Three red-backed cards are required and one inch is cut from one end. After this, take the three cards and place one in each of the velvet-lined slots, pushing them down so that the top of the cajod is level with the top of the stand. With a pencil draw on the card the position of tfie cut-out in the stand. When this has been done with_the three cards, take them out and cut away a rectangular portion which will synchronise with the cut-outs in the stand. With some Indian ink blacken all the exposed edges of these cards, and with some matt black paint, paint the top of the stand. A straight-sided stemmed glass completes the requirements.

(Incidentally illustration 3 gives a false idea of the cut out card owing to the fact that the white border has been eliminated in reproduction.)


Stand is placed on the table £.nd in it are placed the three faked red cards, one-third pro-tuding at the top and thus appearing to be just three ordinary cards. The stemmed glass containing the blue-backed cards (?) should be placed on a tablje to the right of tlie table holding the stand. With these things done, the magician is now ready for his— PRESENTATION.

Attention is called to the three cards in the stand, the magician stating that the cards placed there are in some way associated with his appearance there to-night. Three persons are tied up with the cards and they are represented by those old mathematical symbols A, B, and C. As he looks across at a spectator, the magician takes the supposedly blue-backed pack f?om the glass. " I would like you, if you are willing, sir, to be Mr. A". The pack after being casually shown is placed into the glass, roughened ends uppermost and faces (i.e., blue-backed faces) towards the audience. " From this blue-backed pack I am going to take a card from the face and place it at the rear of the pack; I am going to continue doing this and I want you to stop me just when you like " The cards, seemingly one at a time, but in reality, in pairs, are removed from the face of the pack by the second finger and thumb of the right hand, and placed at the rear of the pack (the very slightest of 'pressure of the second finger on the face card is sufficient to bring the two cards up in such perfect alignment that they appear as one). On being stopped by Mr. A, the

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Flashback !

L stands for LYNN TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 94» «W4.


Tbe mysterious doings of Dr. Lynn wen [«commenced last evening, this gentleman having/' during his shoit perioS "of closing, strengthened hi» programme with several new features, amongst which may be noted Hfs' imitations of the tricks' of spiritualists, by . securing a man to. the iron rings of .a stool with bands of ^copper wire, after which,, in the ..presence of. a committee, rings are passed on. the Plan's hand* and taken off; his coat is removed, and then, replaced ; and this without the aid of any cabinet, a c'oth being held before the operator'for a few minutes only. These tying feats are being performed ad nattseatq, but Dr. Lynn's is certainly amongst the cleverest. The Doctor's box trick, too, .goes beyond those of his com* petitors, for we have three boxes, one made to fit within the other; these ar<T corded and locked, and a man is tied up in a couple of sacks, but, all the same, on being' screened from view, he in a few moments contrives to penetrate. the three shells, out of which he is taken after the necessary amount pf uncording arid unlocking has taken place. Yet Dr. Lynn's great attraction i* a mysterious cabinet, which is discovered standing in the centre of the &tag£. Into this an attendant walks, and the curtain* being drawn, the man is seen standing facing .the audience/wben the Doctor proceeds to cut-off one arm, which is carefully- earned out and laid down; then one'leg i$ amputated, and carried out to be laid on a £hair. Not content with- this, the man's head is cut off, and carried by the operator out into the hall, but only for it to .disappear out of the black cloth in which it is hsM, and be caught again, replaced on. the body, "TbHowed by" the arm and leg, after which the man walks out- whole. Tbe- illusion is most complete, and though, there, mayfcft a repulsive sound1 about the description, the whole affair Is so Cleverly earned* tfut that there is nothing offensive in it whatever, and .the curtain falls amidst abundant applause, During the intervals, Dr. Lynn's Italian band, -consisting of three artists, who play upon the pleasant combination of instruments tfie violin, mandolin, find guitar, perform some excetfent operatic music.


From the J. B. Findlay Collection

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