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Editor's Note.—In " Patterns for Psychics " I contributed an effect called " The Psychic Card." The method made us of a faked deck. My good friend Francis Haxton, after reading the effect, almost immediately sent me his own version which is capable of performance v:ith a borrowed deck. The working is not only straightforward but makes very little demand on skill. It should, therefore, be welcomed by those who, whilst liking the original, were deterred from using it because of the means employed.—P.W.

Effect.—A card is freely chosen from the deck by a spectator. After replacement in and squaring of deck, the latter is placed in the conjurer's pocket. As a demonstration of sixth sense the conjurer then places his hand in the same pocket, and with little hesitation brings forth the selected card which is handed to the chooser. The card is then shuffled into the deck, the latter being -cut into three heaps. This time the conjurer remarks that he wants the spectator to find his own card ; to this end the spectator first chooses a heap, and with the conjurer's estimation of, say, seventeen cards in that heap he is asked to give a number between one and seventeen. Needless to say the chosen card is found at that number. The spectator is asked to assist again. The chosen card is again returned to the deck, the latter being shuffled. This time the spectator is asked to name any number between one and fifty-two. On counting down to that number the card is found !

Requirements.—A deck of cards containing a short card. (The newcomer to conjuring who may query the editor's remark anent a borrowed deck, can improvise an impromptu short card by^ bending the corner of one of the cards so that the surface is broken.)

Preparation.—The short card is placed as tenth card from the face of the deck. Thus set the conjurer is ready for the . . .

Presentation.—After obtaining the assistance of a spectator, the conjurer slowly riffles the cards in front of him, requesting him to say " stop " when he wishes (one point to note is that in the commencement of the riffle start just below the short, for it is essential that the word " stop " should not be given before the short card passes the conjurer's fingers). The spectator giving the signal, the deck is'broken and cut at that point, the upper half being held up so that the spectator can see the card. (As he makes this move, the conjurer turns his head away). The assistant, having noted the card, the conjurer apparently replaces the cards he has held up, on top of those in the other hand. Actually however, he executes Ovette's " Master Move" (this is described by Stewart James in " The Mark of the Reader," Pentagram for February, 1947) which in the most indetectable way brings the card to the bottom of the deck. The deck is squared, <;are of course being taken that the bottom card is not seen, and left momentarily on the table. (This pause should serve to divorce any idea of manipulation from the audience's minds.) Making a few remarks about Extra Sensory Perception, the conjurer drops the deck in his pocket; a few more remarks and the hand goes to the pocket to remove the chosen card. Show it and hand it to the spectator, who acknowledges that it is the card that he looked at. That is the end of the first phase of the effect. The deck is now taken from the pocket. The conjurer has alternatives here. The first is that the spectator places his card on top of the deck and gives the latter a straight cut which has the effect of bringing the chosen card eleventh below the short. The deck is then cut by the conjurer at the short card. The second is that after taking the deck from his pocket, he commences a Hindu shuffle asking for the replacement of the card at any spot; this done the card is brought to the top of the deck. The deck is then

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