Sliltiwid OSall Routine

continued from pw/e 44

(2) Execute cross over palm while returning to original position R. side to audience, and show L.H. empty.

(3) In this position, and with L.H. almost at shoulder level, produce ball from behind L.H.

(4) Turn front to audience at same time throw ball into the air followed by the " roll " between the two first fingers.

(5) Place ball on closed R. fist and ostensibly take it away with the L.H. but under cover of the L.H. let the ball sink into the R.H. where it is palmed. Now make a half turn to the left, so that R.H. side is to the audience, holding the closed L.H. up as if the ball is contained therein. At the same time the R.H. with ball palmed is allowed to drop naturally to the side.

Make a squeezing movement and then gradually open the L.H. to show empty.

(6) Produce ball from behind R. knee, at the same time gain possession of second ball and shell from L. holder and palm in L.H.

(7) Throw the first ball into the air for a short distance with the R.H. then transfer to the fingers of the L.H. at the same time make a smooth full turn of the body so that the L.H. side faces audience. Show the R.H. empty.

Transfer ball back to the fingers of R.H. at the same time make another full turn of the body so the R.H. side faces audience. Under cover of this move, execute cross-over palm with second ball and shell. Show L.H. empty.

The series of moves described under this number are made ostensibly to ┬┐how the palm of each hand empty, and the fact of having a second ball and shell palmed, is concealed by performing the cross over palm under cover of transferring the first ball from the fingers of one hand to those of the other.

(8) You are now R.H. side to audience with the' first ball held in tips of first finger and thumb of R.H. and second ball and shell palmed in R.H. The L.H. is held up at about shoulder level to show palm empty as indicated in Section (7). Now transfer first ball to fingers of L.H. at same time glance down at L. elbow as if seeing something there.

Produce second ball and shell from L. elbow, with first finger and thumb of R.H.

As the R.H. holding the ball and shell between first finger and thumb moves away from the elbow, place the first ball between third and fourth fingers of R.H. and immediately drop the L.H. to the side of the body.

(9) Now with an up and down movement of the R.H. roll the ball out from behind the shell with the second finger in the accepted manner. At the same time gain possession of the third ball from the holder under the left side of the coat with the L.H.

During the whole of the moves described in Sections (8) and (9) the R.H. is held at approximately the same level as the L. elbow.

This is important in view of what follows.

(10) A complete turn of the body is now made, to bring the L. side to face the audience.

In1 executing this turn, the R.H. containing the half shell and two balls, must, of course, be kept back towards the audience, and this can be gracefully done by swinging the hand slightly downwards in a shallow arc across the body.

At the finish of this move the R.H. will be held at approximately the same level as it was before the body turn was made, but the thumb will be towards the ground instead of uppermost.

Care must be taken to keep the L.H. at the correct angle all through this body turn, in order to avoid exposing the palmed ball.

(11) Raise the L.H. and point to the shell and two balls held by the R.H. one after the other as if counting them.

Now, with the finger and thumb of the L.H. take away the* ball held between the first and second fingers of the R.H., and at the same moment the ball which was palmed in the L.H. should be allowed to roll toward the fingers, and pressed into the shell.

The movement is continued, and with a slight turn of the body to the left in order to face the audience, the ball which has just been taken away from the R.H. is placed between the lips and pressed right into the mouth with the palm of the hand. Make a swallowing motion and then draw out the ball from the holder under the L. side of the vest.

The effect of this last series of moves is simply that a ball has been taken from the R.H., placed in the mouth, swallowed, and is reproduced from under the vest.

Actually, however, the performer now has another ball behind the shell and an extra one held in the mouth. This latter ball must be held in the mouth for about a minute, until the time comes for its production, and the balls must be of such a size as to enable this to be done.

In my own act, which is performed to music, this move is quite unsuspected, because I possess the faculty of being able to smile naturally with the ball in my mouth. For those who are unable to achieve this, however, an alternative suggestion is given at the end of this article.

(To be continued)

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