Silver To Copper


THE PAPER fold for vanishing a coin has received quite a deal of treatment from may sources. One thinks of Gus. Davenport's lovely vanish described in " My Best Close-up Trick," and there have been excellent contributions from Jack Chanin, and also from Ed. Mario in his recent book, " Coining Magic." It was, however, Edward Victor and Joe Stuthard who first put forward the idea of changing one coin for another, and the following effect does just that, namely changing a silver coin for a copper coin. The handling and method of fold are offshoots from a Jerry Andrus coin production effect which appeared some time back in, I believe, the Genii.

Very simple, the effect takes this form. The performer shows a small rectangle of paper on both sides. A silver coin is now placed on the paper which is folded round it in a most deliberate manner. The performer taps the contents of the package with his small wand or pencil and the evidence of genuine metal within is unmistakable.

Squeezing the package and thus breaking the paper, a copper coin is forced through the opening, and the paper dropped upon the table for examination. The original silver coin, can, should the performer wish, be reproduced in a manner that the conjurer dictates.

The requirements are simple : —

3. A piece of paper measuring four inches by six.

It is advisable that the table at which the conjurer works should be covered with a cloth. The absence of this may make one of the coins ' talk ' during the routine.

The preparation consists in taking the sheet of paper and creasing it in four places as shown in illustration 1. The pencil should be in the outer breast pocket, the copper coin is palmed in left hand. The silver coin and the piece of paper lie on the table. The performer is seated.


The paper is taken as in illustration 2, so the inside folds are uppermost. The copper coin is concealed by the paper which, as you will notice, is held between the first and second fingers of the left hand. The right hand takes hold of the paper and pulls it through the fingers reversing it. Once more it takes up a similar position in the left hand but this time inner folds are nearest to the hand (see illustration 3). It is in this way that the paper is placed on the table, the hidden coin being left underneath it at the point shown in illustration 4. Now you can see the reason for , having a cover on the table. The pencil is taken from the pocket by the right hand. It is placed on the paper in the position shown in illustration 4. The left hand then takes the upper end of the paper (illustration 5) and as the right hand moves the pencil forward slightly the left pulls the paper towards the performer so that by the time the pencil is clear of the paper (illustrations 6 and 7) both sides of the paper have been seen and by the slight movement in the the showing the copper coin has taken up the position shown in illustration 8.

The silver coin is now picked up and placed centrally in the fold shown in illustration 9. The folding of the silver coin within the paper now takes place. Illustrations 10, 11, 12 and 13 show the course of this. Illustration 11 is included to show the viewpoint of the spectator. Notice how, the silver coin during the folding is shifted slightly to the left, so that when the paper is folded around both coins they occupy the positions shown in illustration 14. Gripping the copper coin through the paper the package is tilted as in illustrations 15 and 16 the silver coin falling into the left hand palm, and almost simultaneously the left hand thumb positions itself as shown in illustration 16 so that with the right hand leaving go of the package, the copper coin slides down inside the paper until it is stopped halfway. The right hand now takes the folded paper as in illustration 17 and the left hand takes the pencil from the table and taps the paper (illustration 18), so that the spectators can hear the sound of metal inside. The pencil is replaced on the table (or it may be replaced in a packet where at the same time the palmed coin may be disposed of). The packet is then folded as in illustration 19 and placed against the side of a glass (illustration 20). A " Hocus Focus " and taking the paper it is squeezed so that it is broken and the copper coin makes its appearance, the paper then being dropped upon the table.

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