Silk In A Loop


THE MAGIC of Marconick is always sheer delight and we can think of no magician who has added so much to the wealth of silk magic. At the moment Nick is working a delightful cabaret act in Continental night spots. His quiet unassuming manner serves to enhance the silken poetry of his act.

The interlude to be described is primarily an opening item. To some it will seem a flourish but if you care to try it out you will find how effective it can be.

The Effect.

The magician holds a piece of rope in his hands. Just a piece of rope. A loop is formed and then a knot thrown into the rope. Much more than a knot, however, for in the knot is tied an eighteen inch silk.

The Requisites.

A piece of cotton rope about four feet in length. One brightly coloured eighteen inch silk.


First of all fold the silk into a zigzag fold and place it around the centre of the rope. Fig. 1.) Now resting silk and rope on a table roll the ends of the silk in towards the rpe so that finally you have a small bundle of silk. You will find that if the hand releases its hold the silk will automatically unroll, so if you wish to make your preparations ahead a small clip should be placed around the bundle. That is the preparation.


Supposing that the clip has been removed and you are ready to go into the effect. The rope with the bundle is taken in the left hand, the second, third and fourth fingers closing over the silk so that it is concealed. Now because of the nature of the material it will easily slide along the rope, therefore the rope can be easily handled and it is suggested that it should be held at about six inches from one end, the remainder of the rope being allowed to trail. The left hand is lifted and the right hand comes across and takes the free end of the rope. Both hands move apart and the rope is displayed horizontal to the ground.

The right relinquishes its hold and the left hand is left holding the rope with the silk still concealed.

The right hand comes across and taking the end of the rope protruding from the left hand pulls it through the silk and hand so that just over half the rope is beneath the left hand. The right hand then pulls up the centre of the rope. (See Fig. 3.) Note how the rope runs over the left hand first finger. The free end of the rope, i.e., the end opposite to that held by the left hand, is now taken by the right hand, brought around the free end of rope and placed between the second and third fingers of the left hand. (Fig. 4.) Now in one continuous movement the following things happen: (1) The right hand drops slightly, the second and third fingers maintaining their hold of the end of the rope (Fig. 5); (2) Which has the effect of forming a single knot and (3) The loop is allowed to slide from the hand whilst the left hand fingers relinquish their hold on the silk. The combination of these actions is such that as the loop falls it is reduced in size, the silk automatically expands and the finished effect is shown in Fig. 6.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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