Second Dealing

SECOND DEALING, like Bottom Dealing, requires regular practice to acquire proficiency. It is not so useful to conjurers as bottom dealing, but it has its uses, and once the enthusiast has mastered both bottom and second dealing, separately and in combination, he will be able to make sufficient use of it to have justified the time spent in learning it.

Primarily it was intended for use with a marked pack of cards, a very difficult and risky proceeding; but a card may be kept at the top of the pack, and dealt when required, without a great amount of practice, and some other uses will be given later in this book.

To deal seconds, the pack is held exactly as for bottom dealing, so there is no necessity to re-describe it.

The left thumb and third finger again do the work, the third finger however does not move; it acts as a check on the cards, and with practice will allow either one or two cards to be dealt at will.

To deal two cards from the pack the left thumb-tip is extended about a quarter of an inch over the top edge of the pack, and about an inch from the left hand top corner, the thumb at this point presses downwards, and pulls backwards at the same time.

The moment you feel it in contact with the second card, the thumb commences to pivot, both cards are moved over the third finger, which will slightly spread the cards; the third finger can feel if more than two cards are being pivoted and can prevent any more than two coming over. (Fig. 34).

The forefinger and thumb of the right hand take the two cards by the right hand top corner,

the forefinger comes into contact with the under surface of the second card and presses upwards, the left thumb pivots the top card from under the right thumb, taking it back to its normal position on top of the pack as the second card is dealt. (Figure 35).

I think a snapping action is best in dealing seconds, as in dealing from the bottom.

If a continuous second deal is being made, the top card is not pivoted right back, but near enough to enable the right thumb-tip to take the second card, and yet to preserve the illusion of the top card being the only card taken.

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