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" JUtte of SMka,"

Here is a contribution you might use for the " Pentagram." It is my arrangement of a well-known effect—the magical arrangement of three coloured silks in a called-out order. The magi displays a parcel in which, he says, are three silks —red, white, and blue—tied in a certain order. There are six possible arrangements—R, W, B.— W, B, R—B, R, W, W—R, B, W—B, W. R.— W,R,B. Then he displays a stand and three cards of the colours red, white and blue. On this he arranges the cards in a required order. He then takes up the parcel and waves it over the stand to " develop a sympathy between silks and cards." When the silks are taken out they are

seen to be tied in a chain with the colours in the order shown by the cards !

The three silks have their ends fastened by tiny rubber bands in a continuous chain, and the first diagram shows a close-up of the same. Then these silks are wrapped up in a parcel with the paired ends disposed as shown ; the order must be memorised.

After the preliminaries of the effect have been gone through, up to the displaying of the three cards on the stand, you have only to notice the first and third colours before you could display the chain in the required order. Say the colours are R, B, W—the end colours are then R and W. So you have to open the parcel where these ends are and just pull up the tip of the red end, as red is the first colour. This mere pull upsets the " tied " end, and the three silks will come out in the order required. From here the magician could go into Blends or any other effect wherein three coloured silks are required.

Have been indisposed for about eight months, and found the " Pentagram " very welcome. Thanks again.

With all the best,

Yours sincerely,


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