If you have a thermometer handy, go and look steadily at it for a minute or so, and you will see that the temperature has risen one or two degrees while you have been watching it. One condition—you must take an exact note of the temperature when you start, and keep your eye on the gradations until the mercury, or the pointer, has moved up noticeably.

Psychic stuff? Not in the least—the explanation is the obvious one : that the temperature really has risen. At any rate, it has risen in the immediate neighbourhood of the thermometer if you have followed the one condition.

To get close enough to a thermometer to read it accurately, the eye must be about a foot away. The temperature of the head at this proximity is enough to send the mercury up several degrees, according to the existing room temperature.

It follows, of course, that the colder the room, the more will be the increase in temperature, and the final reading, which may be after as much as two minutes or even more of concentrated staring, will be a few degrees less than blood heat, which is 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The room temperature as I write this, is 71 degrees, so you can see that there is room for quite a rise there.

I have found that those little round dial-type thermometers used in refrigerators—-trade mark " Thermette "—work the best for this little stunt. Mercury thermometers will work, but are slower to show the increase in temperature.

One other point : you will probably be accused of breathing on the thermometer. To make this impossible, bend your head forward so that the breath is directed downwards. This, of course, will bring the forehead correspondingly closer to the thermometer, but your audience will, oddly enough, not attach importance to that.

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