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The Jardine Ellis ring trick, properly handled, is a gem of close up magic. The version about to be described is merely a variation, the main difference from other versions being that no assistance is required from the spectators. This version could, of course, be used as a repeat or extension of any other Ellis ring routine.

Requirements:—The ring with its attendant shell. A piece of tape or ribbon about thirty inches long having a small pellet of wax pressed on exactly at the centre on one side. If the tape is red, the wax will never be noticed and you might even get some ideas for patter!

Presentation:—Stand directly facing the audience and hold the ring and shell at the tips of the left fingers and thumb. Take the tape in the right hand and hold it aloft as you draw attention to it. Simultaneously tilt the left hand backwards somewhat and allow the solid ring to slide down the thumb, then return the left hand to its original position (see Fig. 1).

Thread the tape slowly and clearly through the " ring " (actually the shell) making sure that the waxed side is outermost, i.e., not in contact with the shell. Gather the ends of the tape in the right hand and hold the right hand above the left hand. Allow the shell to sink into the left fist and let the solid ring move into the shell again. Press the solid ring firmly into the shell and lift ring and shell away from left hand by raising the right hand. (Figs. 2 and 3 show the actual arrangement). Both hands are obviously empty and there seems to be no room for deception.

Place the left hand around ring and shell and let both ends of the tape fall towards the audience (Fig. 4). As you do this pull slightly on the tape to free the solid ring from the shell. With right forefinger and thumb nip the centre of the tape at the waxed portion, pull slightly back and up, then press the waxed portion to that part of the tape immediately above the ring (see x in Fig. 3). Without a pause move the right

hand, holding the solid ring, downwards leaving the shell hidden in the left hand. When only a little tape shows above the left fist, stop and remove the right hand. Apparently you have merely transferred the tape and ring to the left hand (Fig. 5).

Hold the right hand below the ring, then raise and lower the left hand with a moderate jerk. The ring, being held by the wax alone (see Fig. 6) will drop free into the right hand. Thus a clear cut penetration has been effected. The tape can be taken by the right hand and both tape and ring tossed to the audience if you so desire, leaving :he left hand to dispose of the shell.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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