Rowt und to Qood Uffe

February 1, 1949.

Dear Goodliffe,

This is not, as you may suspect, an attempt to have the last word. It is submitted for your " Magic Mail " column, providing you think it warrants publication on its own merit, not because of personal friendship.

Goodliffe's remarks anent my criticism of book reviewers in the December issue of Pentagram, just at hand on this side, were, as always, concisely accurate. But his charming frankness only served to emphasize another shortcoming of the clan. Specifically, must one's interest in magic supersede the tenets of fundamental honesty ?

For instance, I recently submitted a series of articles to four magician friends with a request for constructive criticism. Three replies ecstatically proclaimed my effusions as the greatest thing since the King James translation of the Bible. Baioney ! Fred Braue, Hugard columnist-collaborator, was the sole exception. Prefacing his remarks with a qualifying evasion, Braue said, in effect, " Sell your typewriter." We continue lo be good friends.

Honesty is an essential luxury even amongst magicians. And that, intense as it may sound, ain't no Chinese maxim.

Sincerely yours,

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