On the question of music, Oriental performers will appreciate the recording of " Dance of the Young Maidens " from the young Rumanian composer Khachaturian's " Gayanah " ballet. In this same ballet comes the well known " Sabre Dance." This is real Oriental music in a lively tempo, and should be a welcome change to the hackneyed and puerile pseudo Oriental natterings of Tin Pan Alley composers.

" Conjurors " has started a new and very worthwhile feature by Walter Gibson. It is a form of Annemania, and is entitled " Gabbatha." Walter in using this word which Ted Annemann was wont to conclude his Editrivia regrets that he is unaware of its meaning. " Gabbatha " is a biblical word, and means " pavement."

Another magazine makes its appearance in this country. It is the " Meteor " (we wonder whether the Editor found out the meaning of this word before he chose it !) Elliott, of Rotherham, is the Editor, and offers it as something different, insofar that it deals more with news of magicians rather than descriptions of tricks. We take this opportunity of wishing him the best of luck with his venture.

An another page will be found a review of our new effect " Gap in the Curtain." The theme of this is our own " Taped Slates," but the method is different, and undoubtedly better, as no faked slate is used. Next month we have a very nice effect by John Howie making use of the Jardine Ellis ring.

BOOKS AND ROUTINES—continued from p. 54


Hock Chuan (published by Areas, price 5/-).

This little booklet commences with an introduction by Wilfrid Jonson, who after introducing the w riter remarks that the use of rough and smooth cards should be used as a means to an end rather than the end. This of course is quite true, just as it is true of any other means used to obtain a magical effect.

The author is in little need of this advice for in the eleven effects described, the use of roughing fluid is an invisible aid adapted to playing and other cards so that the maximum effect can be obtained. Here are a number of effects that could be obtained by other methods, but the use of roughing makes them far less difficult of attainment.

Of particular mention are the adaptation to "Optica" (this has already been done by at least one magician we know) a "living and dead" test and a poker effect in which the principle of half roughing is used.

The author, who through his many contributions to magical magazines, writes in an easy manner. There are no snags in the effects. Unreservedly recommended.

SIMPLICITY PREDICTION by Robert Harbin (published by the author, price 7/6). 95, Marsh Lane, NAV.7

After a sealed box has been handed to a spectator to hold, one of three newspapers is chosen. From this newspaper a headline is selected. The person holding the sealed box is requested to open it . you know the rest . . inside is a piece of paper on which the mentalist has correctly predicted the chosen headline. This is an effect that can be made or killed by presentation. Actually we think that the performer in his recap, is wrong in stressing item four. Nevertheless, for the performer who wants an easy to work, nothing to remember prediction effect, we think that he will like this one.

Peter Warlock's "MODES FOR MENTALISTS " No. 4 "The Gap In the Curtain"

In 1948/9, the "Modes for Mentalists" series were listed among the sixteen outstanding items of the year by JOHN MULHOLLAND, whilst "Mind out of Time," No. 3 of the series won a "Linking Ring" award. Now comes "Gap in the Curtain," a triple prediction effect that brings two new principles into play. Capt. Leslie May, who saw an advance copy, writes to sav that it is the best of the four.

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